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🎄Holiday Gift Ideas for Crocheters & Knitters🎄

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Every year I end up missing out on writing about this. Its pretty short and sweet right now but, I'll be evolving this list over the years to come. This first round includes items from both large retailers and small businesses that I think any yarnCrafty would enjoy.

Do you know someone who knits or crochets? You’re probably stuck trying to figure out what do get them during the holiday season (or for birthdays). Today I wanted to run down a short list of things you can buy for the crafty you love!

This blog contains affiliate links which means, when you shop through them, I receive a small commission off your purchase at no additional cost to you!

1. Yarn

I can tell you right now, you can never go wrong with yarn. EVER. You may have observed the types of projects your Crafty likes to make and can easily find common fibers from retailers like JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, or anywhere else really.

You may also consider purchasing luxury yarns on special occasions. If that is the case, I recommend Darn Good Yarn for many reasons. For one, much like Infiniti Crafting Co., DGY is woman owned. They source their fibers from India in which they pay living wages to the female workers that spin the yarn. The brand has been around for 10 years now and promotes a general culture of positivity for the crafty community. I’ve bought from them since 2018 and have featured their yarns in a number of my projects, most specifically, the Frost Fighter Face Cowl.

2. Hooks & Needles

Look guys… we cannot, I repeat, CANNOT have too many hooks or needles in our craftrooms. Makers collect them for a number of reasons. We’re always losing them; a specific brand might be the bee’s knees; the reasons go on and on. My personal, unsponsored, unaffiliated FAVORITE hooks and needles are from Furls Crochet. I’ve been following them from the start and over the years they have produced some absolutely beautiful hooks and needles.

Alternatively, we LOVE hook sets. Again, they can be found at a number of retailers like JoAnn, Michaels, and Amazon; find whoever has the best quality and deals. A very popular hook set is Clover. Chiagoo and Knitter’s Pride are delightful brands for knitting needles. You may also find really pretty handmade hooks from small businesses like The Clay Bean Company (again not affiliated or sponsored but their hooks are freaking adorable!)

3. A Knitting Machine

I know, I know. But look. Knitting machines are extremely advantageous to makers. The learning curve is lower than with traditional looming and you’re able to crank out more projects. This is particularly nifty if your Crafty does charity drives. In my opinion, there are two really awesome machines, the Sentro and the Addi. In my eyes, the Sentro is a quality gateway machine to the Addi so, if you’re not certain they’ll love a knitting machine, I’d recommend the Sentro to play it safe. If they love it, you can always gift an Addi on the next occasion.

4. Project Bags

If you live with a Crafty, you know that our biggest problem is organization with our projects. Why not purchase stylish solutions? We can easily store our projects and accompanying hooks in specific bags and that means we don’t roll through the house like tornadoes while looking for what we need. The secondary benefit to buying these is that you’re very likely to be supporting small makers’ businesses. A couple of really good makers that I know of are Jane Wynn from Scraptastic Yarns and Rochelle a.k.a Ej’s Daughter Creations.

5. Dress forms & Mannequin Heads

These are meaningful buys for those of us that like to blog about our creations. There are a variety of options when it comes to the realisticness-ness of these forms and if your Crafty has the space for it, you might just be their hero this holiday season. I bought my own dress form a couple of years ago now and it is SO helpful to me while making garments and when I don’t feel like playing America’s Next Top Model.

**Bonus** Gift Cards

This may be your most simplistic option. Getting your Crafty a JoAnn or Amazon gift card could save you a lot of trouble if they’re picky people or if you’re falling down a rabbit hole with the other options on this list.

Don’t worry about disappointing, we love all of these items just the same and you’ll probably end up getting a non-itchy accessory in return. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Making!

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