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I Got Selected for My Very First Art Exhibition!

Good day Crafties!

I know this isn't yarn related but, Imagine my surprise on a random Wednesday afternoon when I got randomly selected for a juried show from Call For Entry! For those who may be new, I am a traditionally trained artist and last year, as part of my senior capstones, I decided to enter some of my paintings into some contests.

Naturally, I forgot about it. 😂 Getting into art shows is very, very competitive and even more so if they're juried. When I got home, I went in to review the congratulatory email to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Low and behold, I couldn't believe it.

As of late, I've been in a really low place regarding my artistry and had started to drift away from it entirely. So this was a really nice little boost in the feels that reminded me not to give up! Because that's definitely where I've been these last couple of months as I've exited school and effectively shut down my channel. I often find myself conflicted on how I want to proceed with everything but in the meanwhile, I appreciate all the support I still have as things get sorted out day by day!

Imagine how fast I ran over to update my CV with the first non-school related exhibition I've ever participated in!

The piece that was selected is the 4th part of my 'Introspection' Series.

It will be on display in Exhibizone's online international gallery from June 19, to August 19, 2024.

I don't put out new pieces too often but if you're interested in viewing my other current works, feel free to visit the ArtsyChiitos page of this website!

Beyond that, there were 76 other artists in this exhibition so if you have time, consider scrolling through all our works!

My artwork named 'Introspection IV - Sound of Vibrance' is now being showcased at Inspirations - 2024 exhibition, organized by Exhibizone and powered by @Biafarin platform.

To learn more, please visit:

You can follow my artist IG profile @artsychiitos.

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