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New Clay in Studio!

I'm really excited to share this one with y'all! Every now and again you get find a little win with clays and as I continue to perfect my craft, I look for all the wins I can get!

Back in March, Seattle Pottery Supply announced a new mid-fire clay on limited release. It has speckles!!

Having made different clays in the past, I know that element shortages have been a real pain, which is why this batch was so small. Anyhoo, I say God was smiling on me at 5:30 that morning because I'd recently closed an order that let me grab a couple of bags!

It is my hope to make truly special things with this material. Now that I depend on the local pottery supply for firings, I have to be all the more choose-y with what I produce. Right now, I'm thinking some special edition mugs or vases may be in order...


I source my pottery supplies from all over the US and I'm thinking it would be nice to also include these different shops in these Maker ShoutOuts!

I can't wait to show off all the other pieces that I managed to product in my final semester! Let me know what you think in the comments below~

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