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In the works for March 2024

Good day, Crafties!

I'd said that I wanted to start blogging again and what better way than to show off my I've ditched Instagram for the time being but that doesn't mean I can't show off the things that I make.

Nowadays, I find myself mostly stitching for Hey Craftepreneur! as I bring my pattern library up to date but, that doesn't make these stitches any less special.

For March's releases, I'm working on:

Razzle Sweater

excuse my humble crochet space lol
A work in progress of the crochet Razzle sweater

I've been mulling it over since December, the fact that a lot of people really like this unreleased crochet pattern. It's also really unlikely that I'll be thinking about NYE in November this year AND that other Crafties will be able to stitch this up as fast as I could. That time period is crunch time for gifts so I want this design to be out in enough time where others can have it done in time for their festivities.

My pattern writing system has it to where most of my designs are written up after that initial prototype so there's minimal editing that needs to be done in this case.

Anyhoo the camera doesn't quite do this yarn justice, it's Hobbii's Metallico Fine in the color Golden Sand (04). I fell in love with its chunkier cousin a few years ago when I released the Chainlink Cowl crochet pattern for New Years'. I'd initially planned to do this sweater, which is also loosely inspired by that cowl, in that thicker fiber. Right before ordering it, they came out with the sport weight version and that changed the game!

I'm hoping I can finish this one in good timing, I've already started recording the tutorial for the pattern club. If thinks run a little past schedule, I may end up releasing something different here in March.

I was a crocheter first and as I dig into the patterns that have already been released, I've come to realize that I have way more of those patterns out than knitted ones. Crafting is a journey though and it is my hope to be able to dig into some of those bigger knitting projects in the second half of 2024.

I've also very rarely been the designer to release stuff within season. The inspiration never seems to flow that way 🤣. So in the spirit of remaining consistent, some of these releases going forward will not make a lot of sense for the time of year they are released.

Right now my focus is making the pattern library as optimal as possible and getting the remainder of this pent up designs out in the open. I have about 40 of them floating around and so far, thanks entirely to Super Crafties, I've gotten through updating/releasing about half of these.

For those who are either HC! members or are currently collecting my patterns, I'm so looking forward to what happens after this update era is over. To whatever new or unrealized designs I may share with you!

Patterns released or updated so far

Nearly Solid Shawl [crochet pattern]

The Mountain Forager Garden Shrug [knitting pattern]

The Genesis Top [knitting pattern]

The Hold Me Tight Shawl [crochet pattern]

Dexter the Crochet Ducky Pouf [crochet pattern]

THEE Ugly Christmas Sweater (2022) [crochet pattern]

The Fresh Peaks Sweater Vest [knitting pattern]

✅The ULTIMATE crochet course (left & right handed classes)

The Sweetheart Scarf [knitting pattern]

The Meramec Crossing Scarf [Crochet Pattern]

The Infiniti Beanie [Crochet Pattern]

The Airways Shawl

The Airways shawl was designed in 2020. I was bedridden from a physical ailment and understandably, I wanted to be free to "fly" again. The shawl shape reminded me a lot of bird wings and so I rolled with the name. This pattern can be worked in a variety of yarn weights and colors and I'm planning on getting to an updated tutorial in the next few days!

As always, the pattern is currently available in shop if you want it before the price is adjusted for updates.

An unreleased bonus pattern

Y'all remember that baby blanket I made for a friend last March/April? Yeah probably not but I sure do! I'd written out the pattern for it but never released it because I was in the process of updating other designs but I think it's time to finally get this one out there.

The Field of Pistachios Baby Blanket will be super fast and easy to put together. I think the original was stitched in a couple of weeks, so if you're in a pinch like I was... 😉.

This one will be a club exclusive for a while until my summer hiatus and have the time to properly format this crochet pattern into a PDF.

The weight of everything is crashing down on me right now and I want to say thank you to my readers and my members for being here and constantly supporting the work I do. Everything else that y'all need to be brought up to speed on can be heard in the lastest impromptu Channel Chat, which I'll have embedded below.

Thanks for being here, and Happy Making!

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