Inside Infiniti [vlog]

I was kicking back a few days ago and I suddenly felt led to talk more about my goals and ambitions with Infiniti Crafting Co. I know that I put out blogs all the time or do channel chats but, I rarely ever talk about the origin story for ICC.

Forgive me if it seems like I'm doing too much. Right now though I feel like it'd be a very fun and intimate thing to do with my community while this site is still small. And maybe I'll look back on these moments in the future and be able to appreciate the growth that has taken place. One of my big goals is to speak as eloquently as I write. My mind is always going 100mph with ideas and prayers regarding this path I've chosen. I hope you all will enjoy these sessions as I come out with them. They're unedited and unscripted so, enjoy the rabbit hole 😅

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