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It's Been a Crafty 4 Years!

Today marks my 4th year making fiber art YouTube tutorials! I'd been planning a video/channel chat prior to my fall but now that's off the table lol.

I wanted to say thank you to all of my viewers and subscribers from the bottom of my heart. Designing crochet and knit never gets old and I can't wait to explore more ideas with and for y'all. I have a lot in store for the coming months and I'll be slowly sharing as I get my whole life together.

It's kinda funny how this channel was started out of boredom from my tiny bedroom corner and now I get to share my skills and ideas with over 8k people! I would have never thought that I'd have the opportunity to influence so many people in my lifetime. Nor would I have thought that I'd be in such a happy and colorful community.

I thank you all not only for watching my videos but, thanks to all of you who've bought something from me at any point in time. Your support helps to keep the channel and my small biz dreams afloat and none of it would have been possible without your contributions! I've had to take a step back in the last couple of months as designing goes considerably slower during the semester. And certain other content has been postponed until I can get my teeth fixed (more on that in a future post). But I'm elated that y'all are enjoying the hundreds of videos I already have floating around the web.

I have no idea where the next leg of this journey will take us but I look forward to going it with each and every one of you! To keep supporting Infiniti Crafting Co. on the web, make sure you subscribe to our video channels, follow us on Instagram, and share our patterns. Thanks again for all the love.

Here's to another year, Crafties,

Happy Making!

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