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Just a Simple Lace Weight Knitted Top (With a Touch of Crochet) w.i.p.

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I am here with yet another of my neglected knitting wips. When I first purchased this yarn, I didn't know what adventure I wanted to embark on. Then, on a late night in the studio, I just cast on. Just like with the Winter Fairy Dress that I stitched, this project took a back seat to all my other obligations. I determined however, that I would pace this project out for the semester as I ride the bus to and fro.

When I first purchased this yarn, I got it from an Etsy merchant. I was pleasantly surprised to find this same seller on Amazon so I'll leave links in this post to their shop! (#supportsmallbusiness) They offer an assortment of colors for this yarn and you'll find yourself wanting to collect them all.

So what's it like working with Jubilee Yarn Ombre Blast? It's a very thin cotton blend yarn. It is made up of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic which makes it a great project for summer knitting. The recommended gauge for this yarn is a size US 2 or 2.75 mm knitting needle. I'd assume the same size hook is appropriate, as the label doesn't specify crochet gauge. A 4"x4" swatch consists of 30 horizontal stitches and 33 rows of knitting if you follow this gauge.

I started writing down everything that I'm doing for this project because I was initially planning to write a pattern for 2021. However, I think I'll be pushing this back to late Spring 2022. The pattern I'm writing will specifically fit a size XL/1X but, adjustments could of course be made for larger or smaller sizes.

I also made the discovery that such thin yarns don't pair well with the Sentro Knitting Machine. This might be obvious to some of you but, I thought that I could get away with stitching some socks (upcoming tutorial) on my machine. And while this yarn runs smoothly through the machine, it is FAR too thin to make anything substantial on the Sentro.

I believe that after I realized this is when I cast onto some actual needles with this yarn.

See what I mean? Frogging that wasn't fun lol.

Currently, I don't have much to show for this project as I'm still in the first stage of it which is supposed to be 30 rows. I'm finishing row 25 as I type this post. I did post a little w.i.p. picture on Instagram when I was nearing row 20 but, I probably won't be posting much about this until spring. You know, fall aesthetics and all that.

Do you enjoy lace projects? Are you working on one? Or, are you waiting to buy this mystery pattern in the future? Let me know in the comments below!

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