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Late night sock knitting ftw![Made on a Sentro]

Hello Crafties and happy Friday! It's been a long week and after spending my day writing papers, I decided to conduct a double experiment.

The first experiment was grafting one sentro knit piece onto another. Last year, as I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for video ideas, I attempted to do this process on the machine itself. That was a massive failure!

Then I tried making leg warmers and knee socks on the Sentro 22 and what I got were snug leg warmers and knee socks where I had to hand knit most of it. I determined then, that I'd need to invest in a middle sized Sentro for that madness.

As y'all know, I did that this year with the new Sentro 32 needle machine and in the past week, I've been doing to tinkering. The end result?

That would be this sock. I knitted the first 6 inch swatch on the 32 and the other 8 inches on the Sentro 22 (as I normally would). I sewed them together to get a really decent first attempt at a Sentro knee sock and I have plans for a tutorial on that later.

The second part of this experiment came in at the heel of the sock. A couple of weeks ago, a Crafty on YT asked if it were possible to knit the heel of the sock instead of crochet. That was something I'd only briefly thought of in the past and I was glad to see the request.

The short answer to that is, yes. I sat up and knit a fairly decent and simple heel onto this thing and I'm not too mad at it. I'll work on stitching up the second sock soon because I have some fabulous ideas for improvement on the design.