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Let's Make Tube Socks on The Sentro!

Hi there Crafties! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving filled with love and joy (and crafting 😉). I actually didn't plan to make this version of the sock tutorial because I thought no one would be interested in the topic but alas, I've received another of your beautiful community requests!

This project is super easy and is way less involved than the previous Sentro sock tutorial I posted. Today's blog will list everything you need to complete this project and any helpful maker notes that I think of along the way. I'll be editing this blog later on to add in the video tutorial when it publishes on YouTube.

Disclaimer: Please note, this blog contains affiliate links beyond this point which means that I may be compensated when purchases are made through them at no additional cost to you. Kind of an indirectly direct way of supporting the content, if you will.

What Do I Need?


A DK or sock yarn ( I'm using Paton's Kroy Sock Yarn double-stranded in the tutorial)

Video Tutorial and Maker Notes

One helpful tip for this project is to use a tape measure. Because there is no consideration for a heel, you can get away with just making accurate measurements. The main measurement you want to keep in mind here is desired length.

For example, in my last tutorial, my foot from toe to heel was 6 inches ( I wear a size 11 in women's), so if I wanted an anklet type sock, I would crank out about 7.5 inches of tube. For someone with a smaller foot though, the sock would come above the ankle. So, you want to be sure to have a general idea of your desired project length, especially if these aren't for your own feet.

The sample in the tutorial is 8.5 inches... or 68 rows from end to end.

Be sure to flip the tube inside out in order do some neat sewing for the toe. Cinch the cast on end nearly closed if you want to "shape" the toe of the sock. I used a whip stitch to seam the end together and a little fray check to secure my finishing.

To finish off the opening of the sock, use your crochet hook to sc around the edging at least once. You always have the option to use other stitches after you establish that base row of sc.

Happy Making!

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