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Life Saving Knitting Hack: Stop Losing Your Stitches on Tiny Knits

Please Note: This blog contains affiliate links. That means I get a commission off purchases made through those links at no extra cost to you!

Hello Crafties!

Today's blog is going to be short and to the point. Have you ever found yourself working with thin needles and then proceed to lose like 10 stitches every time you put the project down? Yeah. Me too. These are a 3.75 mm pair of Chiaogo Red Lace circular needles, so they're too thin for your average stoppers.

One day, I remembered that I had some corks laying around somewhere in this basement of mine (I'm an artist okay?) an I just took a couple and jammed them onto the ends of my needles.

Boom! That's it. I stopped losing my stitches after that. Even thought I do know how to fix dropped stitches, that's not something I want to do each time I pick back up.

I also like the aesthetic the corks give to my projects, I can't wait to take Wip Wednesday pictures this autumn!

I hope this tip was helpful y'all!

Until next time, Happy Making!

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