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Mastering the Magic Ring: Crochet Circles Made Simple

Fear not, crochet newbies! This article demystifies the magic ring, the cornerstone of countless amigurumi creations and circular projects. Learn the essential steps with clear, video-accompanied instructions, and unlock a world of crochet possibilities!

There are other work-arounds for the magic circle, check this out if you struggle to achieve the original!

This double stranded magic ring is the answer to a crocheter's prayers. If you make things that are high traffic, like amigurumi and granny cardigans, try this method out for a spin!

Are you new to crochet? Boost your craft with me easy to follow, self-paced course! The Ultimate Crochet Course includes 23 steps and will walk you through everything you need to know to start crocheting efficiently. Each section includes lots of written tips, info and graphics; as well as a video tutorial filmed in first person POV. Each lesson feels one on one and personal as I guide you through each process and concept.

At the end, you get a certificate of completion that you can print and show off later!

Join the Ultimate Crochet Course today to skyrocket your crochet knowledge. I'd love to help you grow 💖

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