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May 2022 Yarn Haul

It's been a busy year Crafties! Between desperate home improvement projects and inflation, I'd been putting off a trip to the yarn store. That is until now! I can proudly say that I mostly stuck to my dedicated shopping list this time also. In this blog, I'll list everything I picked up and what it's for. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and/or Telegram for progress shots and secret project drops!

Please note: This blog contains affiliate links which means that I may be compensated when you shop through them, at no additional cost to you!

The Stuff

Lion Brand Truboo

White x 2

Celery x 4

Seafoam x 3

Aqua x 3

Blue x 3

To finish the Rice Bolero and continue the Oculus Cardi (Details came out in the previous newsletter)

Bernat Blanket Extra Thick

Green may be growing its way into my wardrobe but, yellow, white, and gray are my perma-theme here in the subterranean wonderland. Ya girl just wants a new blanket for the summer lol.

Caron Jumbo Ombre

Lake Mist x 2

Caron One Pound

Succulent x 2

The Caron skeins are for a sweater I'm planning as a gift. I also matched some thread and a zipper with it (as seen in Channel Chat 98)

Lion Brand Pound of Love

Fern x 1

i have a skein on my yarn shelf but, the other night, I was feeling inspired to make another garment with it so, while I was out, I picked up an extra skein of it to work with.

Jute Rope

Honestly, I thought it was a pack of hemp circles that I could use as handles for my next harvest basket. However, when I got home, I realized it was just a length of rope. I'll probably just cut it up and use it for the original purpose I'd intended. I'm ✨crafty✨!

Clover Takumi Straight Knitting Needles

1 - 10 mm pair

Because no haul is complete without new hooks or needles! But also, I'm designing a chunky sweater for the fall 😅

And there we have it. The first haul of 2022 wasn't a dramatic one but I assure you that the projects that will be coming from these fibers will be! Don't forget to follow me on social media and subscribe to the blog so you don't miss out on future crafty content.

Until next time,

Happy Making!

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