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May Updates

List of Updates:

Patterns added to Etsy...finally.

I just wanted some of my patterns to be exclusive to the site for a while to draw in more traffic. The trial period for the first batch of patterns is over and I think its okay to share them with our Etsy friends now. Not only that, I've realized that there will always be a group of people who won't just float over to this website to buy my stuff sooooo I'll continue to list my patterns on Etsy for now (unless they get more ridiculous) so that segment of my audience can still get my content.

New Blog Categories

I've added posts for all my tutorials thus far ( crochet, tunisian, and knitting ).

I thought it was a good way to have everything in one central place on the website. Starting May 25th, I'll have daily blog posts that will display my crochet and knit tutorials. This is one way of building up the website's content and also creating a central location for video viewing so you don't have to leave the website.

If you're subscribed to the blog page, perhaps change your subscription settings if you don't want notifications everyday. I'm still researching how to control when Crafties get notified from the blog. I appreciate your patience!

Alternate media

I started backing up my channel to Rumble back in November. I love YouTube and my other media but, with all that's going on in the digital landscape, I think its important to have my content on more than one platform. Rumble is one of those platforms.

As previously mentioned, I'll be adding blog posts for my tutorials over the next few months. These tutorials are hosted on my Rumble channel which is also monetized.

I am also on Telegram as Infiniti Crafting Co.! I've just got a hold of the app and am learning but feel free to join my channel there. Likewise, I am working to add the Telegram widget to my site. It's been giving me grief so far but Philippians 4:13!

Working on an E-Book

I've been wanting to wring an E-book for a while now and with my new found freedom in May, I decided to take on that task. As my first project of the sort, it's going to be a brief PDF file that will be available in my shop (I'm thinking by mid June). I'm also thinking about making this the permanent lead magnet for my email list. The truth is, I can only release so many patterns at once and as you all know, I only have so many patterns. I think its been great so far with how many people hopped on the ICC train from the pattern freebs alone and I am truly grateful! There is also the ordeal of going through changing the sign up freebie every single month. I've realized that I just won't be able to keep up with that at all in the future.

These website update blogs go unnoticed for the most part so I'll be writing more on this as I get closer to publishing.

Updated FAQ

I've updated the affiliate link section of my FAQ page. I'm beyond happy to add to the list of affiliate programs. The coolest thing about the places I've chosen to affiliate with is that I personally shop with all of these retailers or I have used the services of the newer ones. You can now find those on the FAQ page and find more info about them.

Added a New Tag to Blog Post Pages

I wanted to make sure that my affiliation disclaimer is in plain sight so I made a little tag on the side bar reiterating everything.


Okay look. I've been banging my head on a wall since the launch of this site. Foregoing all the techy lingo, I've now managed to add filters to the ship page so now, you can look through all my items with EASE. Y'all have no idea how elated I am to have figured this whole thing out.

Head on over to the shop and see for yourselves!

I've also added an additional column to the product displays so you can see more items at once.

There is now a 'Related Products' slider on all listing pages. WHEW! Each month I swear this thing is looking more and more professional. I'm giddy!

More Updates to the Mobile Site

The mobile site is a constant thorn in my side. It tends to go ignored a bit because I focus a lot on the main site's functionality. According to my analytics, 71.4% of my site visitors are coming in on the full (desktop-friendly) website. But 28.6% are mobile users between cell phones and tablets.

So far, I am aware that the mobile site is mad slow. I've gone through and adjusted the small aesthetic stuff already so now, I'm really working to speed up the mobile experience for you guys. I appreciate the patience 💖.

Tweaked Website SEO

Me and the SEO have a love-hate relationship as well. I've modified it some to bring in more organic traffic.

Added a New Secret Page

It's for my email sign up list. The crazier the world gets, the more important it is to join the lists of your favorite creators if they have one. As of late, some of my favorite creators have been getting nixed from different platforms. Not that I intend to be in that number but, if for some reason I leave a platform I want to still be in touch with my beloved community. If you love my content and never want to lose touch, be sure to sign up for ICC's newsletters via the link in the footer.

Telegram Panel Added to Member Profile Management Page

This is going to have to go through testing but, I want to bring emphasis to the Telegram group that I made for Infiniti Crafting Co. If my coding skills are treating me correctly, there should be a prompt to the side of the posts in the member profile area and on the side panel of the new Social Media page. I plan on doing open pattern testing and early access releases there. I find it to be a really convenient way to broadcast messages to the community. It's like a cleaner, more efficient version of twitter that isn't toxic.

If you can't find me anywhere, you can find me here on the website and Telegram!

Social Media Link Tree

I just went ahead and made a page listing all of Infiniti Crafting Co.'s active social media. I've floated around a few platforms over the years, some stuck, others didn't. I'll list the ones that I actually use with a brief description on this new web page. I'll also be replacing Instagram's bio link with this one, essentially replacing the carrd link.

New Social Share Image

When sharing posts, one would hope that the images accompanying the post are eye-catching enough to draw in more people. Well, I've decided to adjust Infiniti Crafting Co.'s Social Share Image. The older was a visual I'd created for my YouTube banner and to be honest, I use it everywhere as a convenient default image 😅.

I feel like I have a pretty decent home page so, that's what I changed the social share to, a screenshot of my homepage.

Updated the Free Patterns Page

Going along with the theme of some of the newer pages, I've updated the free patterns page to be brighter and more scroll friendly. To support that page, I have added a couple of ads and widgets on the side panels.

Submitted More Patterns to

Changed Image for About Me Section

Changed Site Welcome Lightbox

Updated Video End Slide for my Tutorials

Connected Facebook/Instagram for Potential Future Marketing

I've mentioned many times that I used to do paid ads on these platforms. However, there were several factors that let me to cease this action. I'm still mulling this over but, I may start doing campaigns in the future to uplift my brand. Hopefully not, but we'll see how the year goes.

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