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Merry Christmas From my Home to Yours

Merry Christmas, Crafties! I hope your day has be full of love and festivity.

This is ultimately my favorite time of year because of how joyous it is. Usually you can get a smile out of a stranger or get away with outrageously decorative garments. Above all though, I feel that it's all so important to remember the reason for the season.

Personally, it seems like it's so easy to get swept up in this whirlwind we call life that we forget to

appreciate our blessings. Even when things seem bleak or that they're not progressing in the ways that we want, there is still so much to be grateful for. This year has been anything but elevating but, as I've had time to wind down and talk to the Lord, I've been reminded that it's not always about the physicality of this life.

God gave His only son so that humanity may be saved and that concept alone is enough to get you out of that slump. It's almost unfathomable to think that Jesus went through all that suffering for little old me. So in that, I rejoice.

All things considered, life could be a lot worse and a lot harder and I recognize that I am beyond blessed to have survived until now. I think that one of my main goals for the new year is to maintain this perspective and let everything else roll off my back. After all, most things we make up into these huge ordeals are really trivial in the grand scheme of things.

Speaking of blessings, recently, I've been mulling over this whole small business journey and I realized that I've come a really long way since 2016. And while God's timing hasn't been my own with this, I still believe it is a vision He gave to me all that time ago. In today's Channel Chat, I'll be discussing the timeline of everything behind Infiniti Crafting Co.

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