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New Upcoming Sweater Design... I Might Have Created a New Stitch [FO]

Hello fellow Crafties! I hope your day has been fantastic and full of yarn!

I've been on a designer kick as of late and as y'all know, I tend to march to the beat of my own drum. Usually designers make cold weather patterns when it's hot and the hot weather patterns when it's cold. I tend to post my ideas as the come about which is just one of my lovely quirks.

For a long while here, I've been thinking to myself, " Why hasn't anyone knit the spike stitch?"

Sure, it's a crochet stitch but, there are several stitched that have been modified between knit and crochet... so why hasn't this stitch? Back in March, I decided to play with that idea on my own after searching around for nonexistent references and tutorials.

I was actually delighted when I couldn't find any instructions for this because it meant that I had something fresh to bring to the community!

Also to my delight, it was fairly easy to duplicate the spike stitch in knitting so, I'll be sharing that pattern at a later date. What inspired me more was that I'd yet to decide on a stitch pattern to use for the yarn I bought from Wool and the Gang.

Well now, I know what I'll be doing and I've already sketched out the design for a future pattern release! I might have also gone back and bought some other colorways to make a second sweater... you'll have to stick around and see 😉.

I still haven't done any massive yarn hauls in 2022. What I did get in April was more Crazy Sexy Wool (in eucalyptus green and sand trooper beige) and some very fitting stitch markers from a maker on Etsy, Karen's Hobby Room. Caffeine is an integral part of my craft business and when I saw these adorable coffee themed knitting stitch markers, I HAD to have them!

*December 28th, 2022

Hey Crafties! I wanted to edit this post a bit before I released it into the world. I initially started writing this article in April of 2022. Since then, I've put down and picked up this project but, I just finished it off the other day. Here, you'll get the first look at this finished design which I intend (✨fingers crossed✨) to release in January 2023.

My first go at this pattern was highly successful and I'll take to social media with photos once the New Year holiday passes. Until then... BEHOLD!

I have just started production on the video tutorial for the upcoming pattern release! I'll update y'all then.

Happy Making!

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