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Potential Christmas Crochet Along [CAL]

Hey Crafties! I hope all is well with you all.

My favorite time of year has finally arrived and it has me conflicted! I love the fall as it transitions into Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm really tempted to kick off a CAL this year because I had a grand project idea.

You see, I was reminiscing about the old Ugly Christmas Sweater that I crocheted in 2 days back in 2019. I still have it... but I wanted to make a more purposeful version of that. On November 13th, I started on that process and I'm really loving how it looks so far. If you follow me on IG or Ko-fi, you'll have seen the sneak peaks so far.

My main concern is time. Depending on what I can get done this weekend, I think I may start the video series around Black Friday. It would also be my plan to have the written pattern available at the very end of the CAL for anyone who wanted it.

Since it's the holidays and all, I'd have it posted on my blog for free but for an ad-free experience, one could purchase the PDF from the handmade shop. The paid version would also include the entire video tutorial in one segment as opposed to 3 or 4 as on YT.

As of Friday November 18, I'm almost done with the first panel, which is pretty exciting to me. I guess my main reason in posting this blog today is to get a vote from my community. Do y'all want weekly CAL videos this holiday season?

Should I do a Christmas CAL?

  • Tis the Season!

  • No, thank you.

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