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Remodeling Progress Update!

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Good day Crafties! I'm just rolling through post-hauling to share a little update on the studio. Can I just start off by saying, I'm exhausted?! Being the excitable workaholic that I am, I've been attempting to rebuild Rome in a day and now it feels as though I've have a few full body workouts. Anyhoo...

In this article, I'll be sharing what items I decided to use in this remodeling such as furniture and other knick-knacks.

Rearranging the studio has gone swimmingly thus far. I put together my new shelving unit and managed to shove all of my fiber into a dedicated space. My craft table is now in an actual corner so, when I do Crafty Corner episodes, it'll feel a lot more authentic. The dressform is now out of view also which means that I'll need to be a little creative with my pattern reveals in the future.

Nonetheless, I'm happy to have expanded my craft space in a way that will hopefully promote more productivity on my end but, also usher in those full-time business vibes.

I've got a couple of garment racks to hold my handmade wardrobe and the other shirts that I wear

for videos. By no means am I a fashionista but, in trying to make room for the movers, I've discovered that I own way more clothes than my regular closet could hope to contain. These come mostly in the form of art-studio worthy garments that I should probably cycle through at some point. Nonetheless, these racks have come in handy because now not only do I get more space for storage, I can also display my "me-made" wardrobe on camera if I so choose to.

As mentioned earlier in the post, I bought a new shelving unit so that I could have some symmetry going on in my background. Last year, I purchased a Sterilite Heavy-Duty 5-Shelf Ventilated Shelving Unit for about $55 because I was expanding the stash. The other day I bought another one at the unfortunate price of $107. These are fun times we're living in, folks. I generally enjoy Sterilite's shelving because it lasts a long time. I chose this particular one last year because it felt like it'd be adequate for the amount of yarn I had and also because each shelf is ventilated, it allows my fibers to breathe just that much more.

In the space that I chose to place my shelving, I had just enough room to nestle my smaller Gracious Living shelf between them. Formerly, this off-camera shelf housed my crochet and knitting books along with my luxury yarns. It was a perfect fit because I admittedly don't stitch with a lot of luxury fibers. It now houses my wool & wool blend yarns, my luxury yarns, and both of my Sentro Knitting Machines.

The craft table is still the same and full of my circle motifs and other crafty clutter at the moment. I've yet to set up my camera equipment over there because I'm still trying to decide if this is the setup or if I'm going to change it again before July. I also have to wrap up the recording of the Genesis Top tutorial I'm making to accompany my written pattern.

Once I get that done, I'll be moving my camera gear to the craft table so that I can record all the content I've planned out so far.

I also purchased a medusa lamp for my new area because the lighting over there has once again proved to be different from where I was previously. This should be interesting as I start podcasting again in the near future. This whole experience will be the topic of Hey Craftepreneur Ep 24 which will likely come up in July sometime.

Well, that's all for today's update! Follow me on Instagram to see little sneak peaks in my stories.

Until next time,

Happy Making!

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