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Updated: Jan 9, 2021

I want to make mention that Rumble is crazy easy to grow on. I've only been uploading for about a month over there and I've had 2395 Rumbles (reactions) and 562 subscribers. Keep in mind that the platform is relatively small when compared to other platforms like YouTube.

As a content creator, or an aspiring one, most people flock to YouTube because it's known as the "it" platform to make it. And being a person with experience, it's hard as hell to get a leg up on the platform. To begin, I'm not bashing YouTube in the slightest. It's hard work to grow on the platform but, as with any thing else worth having, the fruit of the labor can be worthwhile.

You all are likely aware at this point that I am an art education channel, more specifically, the fiber arts like crochet and knitting. This is a very slow niche to grow in on YouTube. It took over 2 years and 300+ videos to reach the monetization threshold and I've finally achieved one of my biggest goals. This is a niche that is apparently quite small on the Rumble platform.

I only started uploading over there with the intention of backing up my video content. None of my main platforms have been made aware of these actions of mine so that means from scratch, I've built this relatively huge, organic following in a short amount of time.

At this stage, I am still learning about the platform. One interesting thing that I've noticed is that after analyzing your uploads for a few days, Rumble gives you the greenlight on monetization. Can I just say "WOAH?!" I've yet to make any money off my monetization status on either site but this is a STARK contrast to the grueling 1000 sub/ 4k watch hour gimmick.

I type all this to say, if you're considering making video content, research multiple platforms first. If I'd known about prior to 2020, heck, even in 2018 when I started making videos, I may have started there. Can you imagine the following I'd have after 2 years on Rumble? Now, both platforms have their benefits so again, don't get me wrong. YouTube is better known and if you work hard to optimize and mold your content and engage your audience, you'll eventually get somewhere with it. Rumble gives you a more... immediate sense of gratification and easier discoverability. Within a month, I've already ranked on the first page of results with my crochet content.

I wasn't expecting to write a blog today. I have like 5 papers due by Friday. It's off to the void for me now, I hope this content was some helpful food for thought!

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