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So how's that NYE top going? [W.I.P]

Hey Crafties!

I haven't forgotten my yet this year. I'm actively working on only one at the moment and that is my New Years' project that I didn't start until...well after 2023 had begun. Since the year began, I've been opting for filling in my upload schedule. especially now that school has started back up. Thankfully, I've had a little more time to work on things during the week days this go around so, I've been editing, uploading, and crocheting in those spaces.

That's not what y'all are here for though. You want to see some!

So, based on what I did for NYE 2021, I assumed that I'd need 12 balls of this Hobbii Metallico Fine yarn... I may have overestimated the amount needed. But that's a problem that I'd like to have when going about an experimental designs lol. So far, I've used up 4 balls of this soft fiber.

Like I said in a previous post, I feel like this is a good alternative to mohair! Anyhoo.. so far. I've gotten both panels done and sewn together. I took note from one of my favorite sweaters for the length and fit of this piece. It's definitely going to need to block this one so that it reached its full size.

Over all, I think I was aiming for something relatively simply but, still fancy enough to wear on a night out.

I've always made all of my sweaters in panels. My guess is that I just enjoy the process of constructing the piece but, I think one of my goals for this year is to attempt a sweater with a yoke. I really like this yarn so far. It has a lovely brushed texture and the shimmer is out of this world. My only complaint so far has been the tangle factor. This yarn REALLY likes to cling to itself.

One ball gave me such grief that I took the mess to my master yarn detangler (my grandma) and while she was able to get it undone, it looks could kill... 🤣. Nonetheless, this isn't a deal breaker for me and I'm highly anticipating using the other colorway when I get into formatting this pattern with the tutorial.

After getting everything put together, I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the collar first or if I wanted to head into sleeve island. In the end, I started on the collar of the top.

Before that, this top looked like a simple piece that I really appreciated.

I want to say that I was incredibly tempted to leave the lattice collar as-is. Depending on the yardage I have left, I may do a version of this top where the lattice is the collar. But for now, I've begun the ribbing on that front. I still believe I can finish this off by the end of January too so now, I'll start teasing these pictures on IG.

I'm not sure when I'll release this pattern... more than likely, it'll be toward the end of 2023, along with some other winter projects.

That's all I have for now, Crafties!

Til next time,

Happy Making!

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