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Some Accidental Success in My Summer Social Media Experiment!

Good Day Crafties!

It's been a hot minute since I've blogged last but I wanted to share that I am still alive and well. It's no secret that I've been frustrated by social media as of late. Back in September of last year, IG (which is my favorite platform) implemented some less than ideal updates to its algorithm which essentially throttled my ability to reach my followers.

As a small business, I'm sure you can understand why I flipped a table and stopped uploading for a few weeks. I' was hoping that this would give my page time to cool off and reset. But that isn't the purpose of why I'm writing today!

In my last channel chat, I mentioned a little experiment that I'd be conducting during my break. This consisted of posting about 90 short form content videos to my YT channel in order to grow it while I'm on break. Well, in the realm of content creation, you post these short form videos on other short form platforms (i.e, Instagram, Tiktok). WELP.

Since IG has been hellbent on suppressing my reels, I posted a few of my "How to Crochet" shorts on my Facebook business page... In 4 days, I went from 568 followers to over 2500 and I almost choked! I've had that page for 5 years and it had also seen some devastating fall off in engagement. Today, I found myself up at 4am, responding to 50+ comments and I was in bliss. 😂

I'm working on some new introduction content anyhow but it seems like that has become a more urgent task now than ever. As for my YouTube Channel, I've gained 70 subscribers since the start of my campaign and that's phenomenal!

My ultimate goal here isn't to go viral per se. As you all know, last year, I declared that I would take Infiniti Crafting Company full-time. And as I approach my final year in college, it's become all the more important to me that I build a community that will help to foster that dream into a reality. I love and appreciate each and every person that follows my content but there's also a very real need for the financial part of Infiniti Crafting Co.'s support to kick in.

You see, I allocate more than full-time hours to this because I love what I do. The goal was always to have my patterns and handmade items to support the educational content I put out there because realistically, there's no way that I'll go work a 9-5 and maintain all of this. I'm only human and refuse to burn out like that.

I'm not approaching this as though I expect every one in my community to buy something from me. That's a really unfair expectation. So here's to hoping right now that I can get enough interested eyeballs on my work to make it on through! I'm working on a lot of top secret projects right now and hopefully I'll be able to talk more about it in the coming weeks. Stuff gets crazy when you're the only one working behind the scenes 😂.

In the meanwhile, I am currently at 2% of my goal on Ko-fi to get this front tooth fixed. I try not to mention it all the time, as I don't want to sour the mood of my audience but as a recap:

In September 2022, I fell getting out of my car and busted my face. I ended up breaking my front tooth, fracturing it across the nerve. I've been to several dentists and none of them believe that the tooth is saveable. I've been told that it's shattered up the give you a picture of how hard I fell.

The thing has been affecting my ability to speak clearly, giving me something of a stutter and I am unable to eat/chew my food properly. I'm not loaded or anything so, I have been trying to raise funds via my handmade shop. However, I also have a Ko-fi page where I'd gladly take donations to go to a private practice to get the tooth re-examined.

Right now, my options are to have a gaping hole in the middle of my face or to try and get a new tooth implanted. I'm certain you know which one I am aiming for. It would mean the world to me if I could afford to fix this part of my health through my small business.

I usually don't ask for this kind of thing but, if you value the continuation of my content or care in any sort of way, I ask that you please support me. Either by making a purchase from my shop or by donating a few bucks.

At this point I've hit a wall so if nothing else, please share my content with others. It amounts to so much more that simply gaining followers or customers. The less stress, time, and energy I have to devote to this, the more of it I can put back into my community 💖.

Thanks for reading, y'all.

Til next time,

Happy Making!

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