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The Infiniti Beanie Crochet Pattern Release

Your favorite Crafty is at it again!

For a long while now, I've lowkey wanted to have a pattern named after me. That was the sole inspiration for this design. Of course it was a little tricky because I was left with this question: What stitch(es) are

A few concepts went into answering this question. For one, I love cabling! It's one of my favorite all time stitches and it would be a travesty to design something inspired by me and not have a cable on it. Just saying.

Another factor is that I love a little nuance. I'm always looking for ways to be innovative with my pattern designs. Sometimes all that is for me is to put together oddball stitches and try to get them to work out.

The final factor was to do something that looked to be complicated but, in reality isn't all that hard. Over the last three years, I've purposefully written patterns that would be easy to follow. My process often lasts for a few months. I start with sketches usually and then I try to graph them out before I start to construct the item. I usually follow the pattern a few times to make sure I get the same result each time (I'll eventually get pattern testers lol).

I've been working on this pattern since late November/early December and now I'm elated to be sharing it with you today. The Infiniti Beanie crochet pattern is exclusive to the Infiniti Crafting Co. website here. I'm still contemplating exactly when I'll be updating my Etsy pattern shop but, it may very well be later on this summer.

I may have a few of these made up by autumn

If you're planning on purchasing the pattern, here's a sneak peak at the supply list:

These are affiliate links!

The Infiniti Beanie is now available in the shop, happy making!

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