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The Stepdad Poncho [WIP]

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Good day Crafties! It's been quite some time since I've talked about my wips here on the blog...

which is a shame considering that's partially why I wanted my own website in the first place 😅. Nonetheless, here I am today to show off this WIP that I started.... *looks at written notes* on January 2,2022. This project has taken on a somewhat somber sentiment as it was a project my mother coerced me into making for my stepfather...which ended up being the last thing she really asked me to do, as we lost her a little over a month later.

At first, I wasn't sure...really of anything but one a crafty note, I wasn't sure that I wanted to continue the project which was in its early stages. At the time, I was really uninspired by the project because it consisted of black and navy for the color scheme. A total dude request for sure lol. After I shook off some of my grief, I decided to continue this project because...well it was like a weird final wish and since I'm a sucker for sentiment, it became a no-brainer. Also, some initial plans that I spoke to in Hey Craftepreneur! Ep 22, fell through regarding all this, I figured that this would be a nice way to remember her.

Now, I was given full artistic liberty with this project and taking into consideration my old man's personality, I decided that the patterning didn't need to be grandiose. Thinking back on it now though, my mom would have hated my design choice 🤣. Nevertheless, I took the ultimate utilitarian approach to the design so that I would actually finish the darn thing and so it'd be practical enough for dad.

This project was requested right on the cusp on the spring semester and of course, classes took priority, so I figured that I would have this churned out by his birthday. I was wrong on this front, too! However, I don't think it really matters because he's not going to be wearing this out in the Missouri summer.

So what's a girl to do?

I decided to get it finished up over my summer break and to package it up for Christmas. Initially, my mom wanted to pay me to do this project but, that just wouldn't be right now after everything. This isn't the only handmade gifting I'll be doing this year but, this one is more about the sentiment and relationship than the economics; more on that later though.

Here is the finished front panel of the poncho.

I'll be making a matching back panel and I'll be seaming it together... likely with crochet.

For this project, I'm using