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This Yarn NEEDS to Make a Comeback...QUICK 2018, Caron Yarns and Pantone teamed up and came out with these charismatic yarn hanks with color palettes that were perfectly matched. As an artist, I was thrilled to see Pantone associated with any yarn company. As a maker, I was just attracted to the pretty yarns! They first appeared in my local Michael's and were fairly priced at $7.99 per pack. Each pack included 5 carefully selected colors and you had the option between merino blend or bamboo.

As a crochet & knit designer, these Caron® x Pantone™ Bamboo hanks seemed perfect for making new and aesthetic one shot designs. The the worst happened. To my dismay, the bamboo variant was discontinued according to Yarn Sub.

You can still get the merino line of Caron® x Pantone™ from Michael's, Joann, and Yarnspirations

but I shy away from using any wool content in product intended for constant wear on the head. For the entirety of Infiniti Crafting Company's existence, I've spoken against it simple because wool can and will eat your hair out over time and none of us want that.

So why do linger on this yarn so?

As many of you know, in 2020 I went on a scrunchy making marathon. In an attempt to boost sales, I tried coming up with items I could stitch up quickly in the summer season. The two things I focused on after setting up shop were knitted face masks and scrunchies.

I offered both crochet scrunchy sets and luxury silk ones that were made with the Caron® x Pantone™ Bamboo hanks. I only had two hanks of the bamboo in my supply so once I found out they were discontinued, I was scrambling for a decent substitute.

Where I've found that substitute in Lion Brand Coboo yarn, I really enjoyed working with the Pantone hanks.

At this point, I am stitching up the last hank of this yarn to go into this summer's inventory; it's almost nostalgic. I also have one more hank of the merino line so, I may end up designing something new with it as time goes on.

In just seems that all too often, all of the really good colorways and fibers get nixed. And I get it, as a business you have to make the things that sell the most and sometimes that means letting go of something that might be highly favored by a few.

Have you working with Caron® x Pantone™ Bamboo yarn? If so, what did you stitch up?

Let me know in the comments below.

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