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Top 5 Crafty Mother's Day Gifts

If you're like me, it's hard to think up gifts for Mother's Day. After all, what is there to possibly give to the one who gave you life?! Especially ones who labored for 17 hours (like really, nothing could really suffice!)

Today, I wanted to run off a mini list of things that maker-moms would enjoy just as much as your company (hopefully not more).

Gift Cards

We all have that one, super-picky or undecisive person in our lives...and sometimes that's mom🤣. This may be your most simplistic option. Getting your Crafty a JoAnn or Amazon gift card could save you a lot of trouble if they’re picky people or if you’re falling short on ideas. Couple this with a card and a big bouquet of flowers and you'll have won her over for the next 5 months.

A Knitting Machine

I know, I know. But look. Knitting machines are extremely advantageous to makers. The learning curve is lower than with traditional looming and you’re able to crank out more projects. In my

opinion, there are two really awesome machines, the Sentro and the Addi.

The Sentro is a quality gateway machine to the Addi so, if you’re not certain they’ll love a knitting machine, I’d recommend the Sentro to play it safe. If they love it, you can always gift an Addi on the next occasion.

Treat Her to a Yarn Haul

Have you seen your Crafty mom light up when she's in JoAnn or any other knit shop? You see, Crafties feel no greater joy than being surrounded by fami- yarn. Taking mom to the store and letting her run wild will always be a fun time. If you're short on ideas for gifting, this also takes care of itself. She gets exactly what she wants to feed the stash, and she's super happy.

Alternatively, you could surprise her with a batch of luxury yarns from Darn Good Yarn. They carry a variety of specialty fibers that are hand spun from recycled silk and other eco-friendly materials.

Something I personally enjoy purchasing are their yarn packs. There are some items that I craft that specifically use DGY fibers and these bulk packs are a good way to stock up for those projects.

DGY has expanded the accommodate not just knit and crochet but, bead & jewelry, weaving, and heirloom crafts.

There's something out there for everyone! Likewise, they offer gift cards in a variety of denominations.

Furls Hooks

Talk about winning a lady over. I always vouch for Furls (not even affiliated/sponsored) because of their outstanding quality. Seriously, if your mom is still using plain hooks, her hands deserve an upgrade! These ergonomic hooks help you to craft faster and more comfortably than with regular crochet hooks. If you also took mom on a yarn haul, she's going to need a good way to stitch up all that yarn!

I always buy the Streamline Swirls because they're so pretty. Also, if you have arthritic issues in your hands, the Streamlines are lighter than the Odyssey hooks.

Crafting Chair

If you don't have a craft room as a knitter or crocheter, you usually have one perch in the house where you can craft all day. This idea may seem quite simple but honestly, you can become the favorite child of your crafty mom by getting her a nice, fluffy recliner.

Nothing else compares to being snuggled into a relaxing spot with your current w.i.p(s) and crafting the day away. Even I don't stick to the studio all day. There are times where I like to sit on my bed, fire up Crunchyroll, and craft away. I'd say mom definitely deserves the same luxury. 😉

I hope some of these ideas helped as you continue to search for gifts. I guarantee you though, if your mom is into the fiber arts, any of these will make her day!

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