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Twisted Harvest Market Bag: A Pattern From Yesteryear

What can I say? The year 2019 had a lot of mental mumbo-jumbo going on for me. Coupled with the per-existing pitfalls of pattern design, its fair to say that I FORGOT about this pattern completely!

I was so put off with the photo shoot at the time that I just let this file site on my computer for almost 2 years.

Well, I plan on releasing this project ,finally, later on in April!

What inspired me to write a market bag pattern in the first place?

Well you see, I live for aesthetics! Year after year, I'd get super inspired (and a little jealous) of people's crafty reusable bags being pictured at farmer's markets.

I guess you could really say, I wanted to do it too! Though 2020 brick walled those hopes and dreams, I'm hopeful that this year will grant old freedoms so that I may once again frolic the city with my makes.

This will be a paid pattern but, you can sign up for the newsletter as I will be doing more deals in April for my pattern shop.

What will you need to make this pattern? I'm glad you asked!

Disclaimer: Many links provided in my patterns are affiliate links. This means that I

receive a commission off any purchases made through them at no additional cost to you!

All in all, here are the materials that I'll be using for my next crochet project:


Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend (if using a cotton blend, make less rows because it stretches)

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