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Ugly Christmas Cape Knitting Pattern

In 2019, I found myself stitching at top speed, producing a sweater in less than 2 days for a community Christmas event. Look, I did it for the kids 😂

One of my professors snapped the pictures and we all had a great time. After all the fanfare was over, I threw my leftover yarn in a corner, only to rediscover it in late 2020. I wasn't really feeling the holiday spirit last year and I knew that just wasn't right!

I immediately started knitting something that would be almost as atrocious as the previous year's sweater. Yes... you guessed it, an ugly Christmas cape. If you or your office is having an ugly garment contest this year, be the *bell *of the ball this year with this quick and fun knitting pattern!

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Tfw you realize what you've done


-Green Bay 2

-Razorbacks 2**

In June 2021, I learned that the colorway Razorbacks was discontinued. The perfect substitute would be Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee Colorplay Yarn in Royal Guard (not an affiliate).



K - knit

P - purl

M1 - Make 1 Increase

st(s) - stitch(es)


Cast on 65 sts in the round with Razorbacks

Rows 1 - 6: K2, P3

Row 7: Change color to Green Bay; K2, P3

Rows 8 - 14: K2, P3

Row 15: Change color to Razorbacks; K1, M1, K1, P3

Rows 16 - 21: K3, P3

Row 22: K1, M1, K2, P3

Rows 23 - 26: K4, P3

(Stop here & cast off for M/L) Rows 27 - 33: Change color to Green Bay; K4, P3

Rows 34: Change color to Razorbacks; K2, M1, K2, P3

Rows 35 - 40: K5, P3

( Makes L/XL Size) Row 41: Change color to Greenbay; K2, M1, K3, P3

Rows 42 - 46: K6, P6

Cast off.

Attach fringe and jingle bells in anyway you'd like! Happy Making!

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