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Why Haven't I Been Vlogging?

Good day, Crafties! Y'all might be wondering where I've been as far as vlogs go (and probably tutorials too honestly) and I must say that I miss making the content. Heck, content in general. I've been working on patterns a lot in my down time, specifically the 64oz Water Bottle Sling and the Breath of Autumn Pocket Shawl (I started designing it in 2021 lol). I'll go into detail on my current W.I.P.s in a future blog post though so I don't digress too much.

So, where the heck have I been on video?! Well, on Thursday September 22nd, I got tripped up by my purse strap while getting out of my car at a Quiktrip. The fall itself wasn't what had me reeling so much as the mouthful of concrete that accompanied it.

Not only did I scrape up my face but, I broke off part of one of my front teeth, scraping my gums in the process. I was more angry than hurt (thankfully) as I spat out a chunk of my front tooth. I was also quite thankful to God that my head didn't hit the curb and that I fell the way that I did because things could have been a lot uglier.

I'm not really sure how long it'll take to get this fixed as I've never been able to afford insurance and dentistry is pretty darn pricey. In fact, after getting a "lucky" appointment that following Monday, I was made aware of several other dental issues, some I was aware of already and others...not so much. I was already tense going in because of the situation with my front tooth and being on a liquid diet the entire weekend before. By the time I left there, my blood pressure was elevated, the doctor wanted to treat everything BUT the tooth I came in for, and they wanted to charge me a nice $15,882. For the tooth that I actually came in for, he wanted to refer me to a specialist who wanted to charge me $800 just to walk in their doors, $2500 for a root canal and Lord only knows what for the inevitable crown that I'll need to restore this tooth.

Needless to say, I didn't receive any care as the only option for finance was just another credit card that they only wanted to give me $1000 on. The work that they were offering to start on was also minuscule compared to what I came in for.

In the meanwhile, my face has healed up wonderfully and the only evidence left from my fall is a fading bruise on my chest, a scraped knee, and of course, my tooth. Now, I could just be overreacting but, over the years it has taken a lot of prayer and work to get to a point where I liked my physical appearance. My smile is a big part of my self-image and I don't feel right coming online and doing vlogs at the moment. I can get away with photoshoots so long as I can manage not smiling. However, after stitching on a long time w.i.p and finally finishing it, you want to smile in all your pictures. Or at least that's just me.

About 20 minutes after the fall.

I have another dentists' appointment on Tuesday at a different clinic for a second opinion and prospectively, they will be able to work with my low income 😅. I've spent the last couple of weeks rubbing brain cells together in order to find insurance solutions for the future. I maaay have found a couple of options but that'll require some more research.

I want to thank all of you Crafties out there who have been purchasing my patterns and also those who support my video content. The financial support not only helps me to produce more content but, it helps me to get by in general! I'm so grateful that I have such a dedicated audience and fan club to have my back when the waters get rough.

I don't know what it is yet but, I want to do something special when I start vlogging again. I encourage y'all to drop comments here and on my social media to let me know what you want to see. I've been trying to think of ways to freshen up the content and what better way to do that than to ask my viewers? My channel exists to serve and entertain knitters and crocheters alike. I am still passionate about making Infiniti Crafting Co. my full-time job/business someday and I can use all the feedback I can get!

I know that was a weird blurb to have on a blog about how I nearly ended my whole career (and possible my life) but hey... would it be me if I didn't digress here and there?

Anyhoo, I'll keep y'all updated after this next appointment for what comes next so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you get notified for new blog posts!

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