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Why I'm Not Subscribed to Darn Good Yarn Anymore

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Hello Crafties, welcome to another blog post. Before I begin, I’m in no way trying to slander or “cancel” a brand, I just want to fill in some blanks that haven’t been addressed in some time.

If you’ve been a long-time follower of mine, you might remember when I was subscribed to DGY’s monthly yarn box and that I am an affiliate of theirs. You also may have noticed that I’d long ago stopped doing unboxings for their monthly crates and this is because I progressively ran into more and more issues with the service. I still believe that it is a wonderful brand as a whole and I continue to support them!

When I fist signed up, I was excited to find a seemingly affordable subscription box for unique yarns. They market this program as the “$10 A Month Club” which was all good and fine. I’d read up on some reviews and they were pretty mixed, so I took it with a grain of salt. The first couple of months weren’t too bad. I was a little surprised by the shipping cost, which was either $3 or $4 but, I’d decided it was worth the skein of yarn and the various notions and baubles included in the box.

I started my subscription in November of 2018 and I’d cancelled it by May of 2019, but why? Well my friends, to be frank, starting in March, the content of my boxes was extremely… lacking. Each month, they began to send less and less. Not only that, quality control was very sloppy as many times, there were items missing from my orders. And given the circumstances, I was understanding, and they’d promptly send me my missing items. Obviously after a while, this would get irritating and I know I wasn’t the only one who’d faced frustration with this. My last box that I received from them had like four buttons, a feather pendant, and a small hank of yarn in it.

At that point I felt a little peeved seeing that if I went to a local retailer like Walmart, I could have gotten the same quantity of items for less than $13.95. And that was the end of that. I never made a vlog or anything about it because it wasn’t a big deal like the Hobby Lobby incident, I had this past winter.  After I called it quits with my subscription, I was stuck with two conundrums. For one, I was an affiliate to their company so that meant that I would get commissions from sales made after clicking my links to their site.

Still trying to work this whole college thing out, I decided to stick with it, and I formed a solution to my second conundrum. That conundrum was that I was stuck with a bunch of mini skeins and hanks of yarn I’d never traditionally use. Some of these yarns are really fitting for my Frost Fighter Face Cowl, others, I’ve yet to come up with ideas for. In September 2019, I started recording a KAL for my cowls using their silk roving yarn in Catskill Fireworks. Fast forward to now, March 9th, 2020, I’ve been forced to halt my project because I’ve run out of yarn. These cakes were seriously tiny, each of them consisting of 75yds. Previously I’d been able to complete a full cowl from one of these but for some reason, this go around I was halted at row 61 of 94. So close to victory!!

Now I realize these are specialty yarns and I do expect the prices on them to be higher. Therefore, I was willing to buy the one cake for $10, my problem came where the shipping was $9.99. That’s $10 for a single item!!! Seriously!? I’ve been struggling a bit financially, but I bit the bullet because I needed to finish this video series for the YouTube Channel but...

Long story short, I didn’t find it to be a good deal anymore.  Right now, I’m at work with these mini projects and I’ll be posting them to Instagram as I complete them. Ultimately, these items will end up on my Etsy page so stay tuned for that announcement!

My experiences may not be yours so by all means, if you want to try the subscription service, go for it. If you’ve been wanting to try some of their fibers, go for it! They have some really unique items and beautiful colorways, just be aware of the prices and weigh the worth of your purchases always!

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