[Winner Announcement] #FreeShirtFriday Giveaway #1

Hello Crafties! Thank you to everyone who participated in last weekend's giveaway. I am excited to announce the winners of the ICC Merch contest on today, April 21, 2021. I know you're all anticipating this too so without further adieu, let's meet those winners!

Congratulations to both Rochelle and Wendy from the Crafty community! I'll be in contact soon for your details 🎉❤.

Thank you to all participants of this giveaway! There were an amazing 34 Crafties that joined in the fun this go around! This has been the biggest turnout so far. Again, I have more giveaways lined up throughout the year so stay tuned.

If you still want the design, it is offered in my merch shop in a variety of colors. To top it off, you can get it at 25% off in an assortment of vibrant colors using code IMERCH21 at checkout.

Happy Making!

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