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Wow, it's already been 2 years!

Good Morning, Crafties!

Today officially marks the second anniversary of this website! This was a monumental moment for me and my brand, as I was finally able to launch this space after working on it for 4 years.

There's a lot going on today so this may not be the only notification you all see in your e-mails today. I'll keep this post short though!

One-Day-Only Sale!

I can't resist hosting a sale. This likely will be the only one until my birthday sale in November so, I

hope you'll take advantage of today's offer. You can now get 10% off in the Handmade Shop and in the merch shop. Simply use the code Year2 at check out until midnight tonight!

Channel Chat 110 Goes Live Today!

The first Channel Chat of 2023 will be going live later in the day. Just because I'll be stuck in class doesn't mean that I'll need to rain on today's parade. This vlog is really important to me and I've been racking my own nerves to put it out there. Nevertheless, I hope you'll tune in this afternoon and that my community will end up the stronger for it. So be sure to grab your favorite beverage and a project for today's convo. It'll post on both YouTube and Rumble at 12:45pm CST but, I'll also have an embed here in this post.

Shop Updates Today

I'll have some new things in the shop today as well as a refreshed pattern here on the blog, under ' Free Crochet Patterns'.

Lots of New Changes to the Site

It's been a long while since I've overhauled things here and I think it's about high time. I'd like to look at this as the next big step toward making Infiniti Crafting Co. my career. I hope you'll enjoy the new adaptations. There will be an update blog later on today, going over all the new changes.

I think that's about all for today. Thank you all for being a part of my community over the last couple of years as I've been figuring things out. I hope that you'll stay in the (hopefully) many years to come.

Until next time,

Happy Making!

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