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Another Glimpse Into My Art Life

Hello all!

This semester is about to get really interesting here. I'm currently in a capstone class where I have to make art (shocker lol). By the end of this class, I'll have three pieces sitting in the campus gallery. I'm particularly excited to be revisiting a concept that I've painted in the past, which I affectionately call, Introspection I.

Introspection II will focus on my current internal musings as life has changed so drastically for me in the last few years. Art has always been an outlet for me, even if it does take a backseat sometimes

to my fiber art brand. I plan to share this process with you all as I make progress on my pieces.

I bought 3 30" x 40" canvases and last night, I coated the first one so that I can do my preliminary drawings on it before I get into the more expressive painting.

A really cool thing about it all is that I'll be building my own floater frames for these things.

I hate working with power tools so this should be interesting to say the least lol.

Anyhoo, I won't ramble too much on this post. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not actually twiddling my thumbs when I don't upload. I wear a lot of hats behind the scenes here in order to make things work. I appreciate you all's continued support!

Happy Making!

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