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April Updates

Fixed the Donation Button on the Mobile Site

It was having an issue staying inside of its designated frame, bringing a whole new meaning to "think outside the box." Well NO MORE. I got it to behave now.

Starting to Implement Ads on the Site

I've been mulling over this idea in my head since before I launched my website in February. I've been working literally non-stop since February to drive traffic to this thing and make it work without the ads... alas, I am but one Crafty and I am unable to do it alone.

I'll talk a little more in depth about this in the next blog post that goes live this afternoon.

No Longer Using AliExpress Affiliate Links

For the time being, I can't in good conscious continue to use affiliate linking with AliExpress. Its an amicable split but, I will not be using them as an affiliate until further notice and will be removing the site from my list of affiliations on the FAQ page.

New Subscribe Box on Shop, Donation, & Blog Post Pages

I thought that a flashier subscribe box was in order. The only thing that's going to keep this whole thing going is a healthy subscriber base to the newsletters. As of late, its been a little disheartening witnessing the low open rates on ICC's emails. Nevertheless, I am studying diligently to create more appealing email marketing and adjusting accordingly.

When new subscribers join the list, they'll receive a 25% off coupon!

If you enjoy my content, please share the posts! It's the best way to support the free content and keep it going.💖

Ran My First Ads on Google

When I launched this site in February, they gave me a bunch of vouchers. So why not use them? I wanted to test this out with my analytics and potentially drive more traffic to Infiniti Crafting Co.! I started running this round of ads on the 4th of April.

Added the "All Rights Reserved" to My Footer

I mean... of course I copyrighted this site but some of the little things you forget to do until you're browsing someone else's blog 🤣

New Email Sign Up Form

If you've registered for my newsletter, you may have noted that I use Mailer Lite for my campaigns. I started using them before I had my site up but it serves a dual purpose in backing up my email list. Usually when a Crafty signs up for my email list through this site, I back up their information on that platform also.

I've added some coding that will allow new Crafties to sign up directly to that list, though the email subscription form built into my website will remain functional.

Sometimes you just gotta let go. I've given a few of these away now as they've sat in my inventory long enough. With all that's going on, I foresee masking being a thing of the past in the near future. The remaining inventory is still there but, I don't push them any further that a cold weather accessory.

Adjusted Copyright Badge in Footer

It's no longer red and NOW it should load my certificate. I copyrighted my website 6 days after launch, on Feb. 20, 2021. Its not that I've totally written off humanity but it is smart to guard your intellectual property.

Added Ko-fi Donation Banner to the Home Page

Now you don't have to navigate to the ' Donations' page or even leave the site to support the content. Ko-fi uses paypal to pay creators and doesn't take a platform fee so I essentially get all of your support (less paypal's minuscule fees.)

Adjusted the Email List

So this one is really important :/ I've made some adjustments to my email list so that I am only contacting those that genuinely enjoy my content. This comes after someone who subscribed to my list decided to download the freebie and instead of unsubscribing after like 3 more emails, decided to report me as spam. While I already knew there would be people who only joined for the patterns (this was fine) I didn't think that anyone would actually mark me as a spammer. It is what it is on that one. If you're reading this as a member of my newsletter and decide that you no longer want to receive communications, PLEASE, just unsubscribe from the list. Multiple spam reports hurt my account and I could potentially lose my entire email list.

Essentially, I have segmented my list in a way that excludes people who have never opened an email from me. In this way hopefully, I can avoid further damage. Over hiatus, I intend to scrub these names from the email list and of course if interest is piqued once more, all are welcome to rejoin.

Updated the FAQ Page

In light of the previous section, I've added a couple of questions and answers to the FAQ page.

Updated the Shipping Policy

Rearranged the Home Page

I thought that good way to make certain features of the site more accessible, It'd be a good idea to mix up the Home Page just a little bit!

Applied for Ad Approval

I'll post a blog later detailing my decision to place ads on my website. I think it's a necessary step forward from here and I can't wait to see how things develop in the future.

Randomly placed affiliate link banners around the site

While I'm waiting for further news on advertisements, I remembered that this was a capability I had. I don't have them everywhere, just in the more frequented areas of my site such as the blog and the checkout pages. This is a good way to increase affiliate revenue for me in the slow seasons. What companies do I affiliate with? Find that info on the FAQ page!

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