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ArtsyChiitos: Acrylic Pour Commission

Hello all! You know... the one thing that I actually like about hot weather is the ability to do acrylic pours. I got a commission during the crunch time of my spring semester but my client (thanks mom!) was willing to wait until finals were over.

Finally, once it stopped raining, I was able to go out and create a MASTERPIECE. Okay... maybe that's a strong statement but, this was a strong piece that I'll be happily adding to my portfolio. This video details my process so come on by, have a good time, and don't forget to subscribe!

If you want to get into making pour paintings, I'll be leaving the links to all my supplies here below.

🖌🖌Materials Used (Affiliate)🖌🖌

Spray Varnish (for final coat *Optional)

Here's the finished result of the pour and also the mini version that I did with the leftover paint:

Gold, Red, Black, & White on 30" x 40" canvas

10" x 10" Version with Silver Holographic Flecks

Are you curious about a specific topic in art? Leave me comments and I'll do a demo explaining to the best of my ability 💕.

Last, but not least, I love art education but it isn't cheap 😂🖌 If you love my content, please consider buying me a coffee to support it.

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