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Call Me Impulsive But... [I've Made a New Friend]

Hello Crafties! Are y'all enjoying these personal blogs? ... No, really, please let me know. Stitching and designing is a slow process and I don't always have new content to share with y'all. And since I've been on a vlogging/YouTube break, I thought that it'd be a good time to talk about life stuff.

Anyhoo! Leave me a little thumbs up in the comments below if you came here from the dental update blog ♥.

Today was eventful at the dentists' office to say the least. And as I stated in the previous post, I left in high spirits regardless to this new development. After my appointment, my grandma ended up

dragging me to Michael's because she's working on a baby welcome set for one of our cousins and she needed new yarn for that. Welp, our Michael's is in a mall plaza that is connected to a Petco. With my grandma all settled in the car, she told me to go ahead and look around the pet store.

Now, y'all... something about my dear old grandma... she doesn't like animals. Unfortunately for both of us, I always have!

Somehow, in the past I was able to "sweetheart" my way into getting kittens. My cat lady dream didn't last long because my mother had developed an allergy to the things. I haven't had pets since then... and that was 2017. Recently, I'd nearly convinced my grandma to let me go adopt a cat but, that didn't really come to pass and I could see the physical relief when I told her I'd wait.

After perusing through that store for about an hour. At first, I was just interacting with the ferrets and lizards but I knew realistically, I had a snowball's chance in hell of bringing either of those in my house. Then, I came around to a little shelf that looked to be harmless enough. And that's when I discovered the betta fish. 😂 Somehow, I stood there and convinced myself that I needed one.

Now don't get me wrong, I've always thought they were beautiful creatures but, I'd always avoided fish because I couldn't pet them. Today though, I figured, why not? I picked out this male black, silver, and purple Halfmoon King. Why? Because he would not stop staring at me. The others seemed to swim away when I looked at them. This one just swam toward me and maintained its stare. So I brought him home with me, enclosure and all.

I've named him Callum, after one of the lead characters from a story I wrote. It seemed very fitting then.

Now I have a little desk mate while I finish all my knitting and crochet projects 😂. Anyhoo, that's my bit of joy for the day.

Until next time,

Happy Making!

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