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Coming Soon: Crochet Hook Jars

Good day, Crafties!

Do you know how hard it is to keep things under wraps from y'all? Exceedingly so! 😩

About a year ago now, I mentioned wanting to incorporate my love for ceramics in with the fiber arts and I showed off a set of crochet hook bowls.

Needless to say, there were a lot of road blocks and straight up brick walls that came my way after that. Thankfully now, I've had the opportunity to play with my ideas in the ceramics studio and now I have a mini product line to release. Looking back on the piece that started this madness, it feels like I've come full circle on the pledge I made to myself. I'd wanted to have it to look upon while I ran my business and 4 -5 years later, here we are.

From my pottery wheel to your craft room, welcome to the "Earth Born" ceramic x fiber art line from Infiniti Crafting Company. In this new product line, I'm combining my love for fine art, fibers, and craft to create a new and unique storage experience for you. Each piece features wheel thrown and/or hand built elements to meet your needs. No two are alike, nor will they ever be.

Find your one of a kind storage solution exclusively, here on Thursday December 22nd! Or spread the word by sharing this post and the accompanying vlog!

Til next time,

Thank you and Happy Making!

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