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Fresh from the kiln: A Sneak Peek into the Summer Shop Update

Good morning, Crafties!

I write to you all today bearing some exciting news! Excuse the format today as I am writing on the go, and writing from a mobile device is quite odd.

If you have viewed the last Channel Chat, you may be familiar with an upcoming shop update at the beginning of Summer.

If you haven't seen it yet, I employ you to go over and watch it so you get a better understanding of what the summer update will include.

As I've stated before this semester I have found new inspiration from my art practice in the form of ceramics. I took my first official class a couple of years ago and from that moment I realized that this is a craft and art that I could easily incorporate under the umbrella of Infiniti Crafting Company. If you are also a creator of things and you run your own business you might also get this feeling of imposter syndrome from time to time. And this was my exact struggle I didn't feel like my work was good enough to sell on my website.

As per Channel Chat 110, I am in the process of pivoting the business into a new direction. It's been five wonderful years since I started Infiniti Crafting company, and I feel as though it is time that all of this hard work starts to generate a brighter future for myself and my family.

I've been fishing around with community polls and I want to give a huge shout out to my community that engages with that content. That's kind of the only way I can formulate an opinion on where to take my shop and everything else with Infiniti Crafting Co.

I am sure that I could make more than $3,000 a year if I were to go get another full-time job in addition to my job that I currently have and be a lot more carefree. However this is something that I've built from the ground up with my own two hands and the power of Jesus. He tells us that our hands are blessed and that essentially we are blessed by the work of our handsand I fully believe in that concept. Being into ceramics this part of this scripture really rings home for me because I am literally putting my hands to work.

Yesterday was the last official day that I could work on anything for the spring season and so I was able to finish off the last of all of my yarn bowls and needle vases and hook jars. When I got to the studio I was pleasantly surprised by the first round of items that had come out of the gas firing.

These are just some of those pieces! I was blown away by the effects of the glazing. With the way we have to mix our glazes the results are pretty random and sometimes you just don't know what you're going to get out of the final process. These two bowls have such a rustic appeal and the blue on the needle vase or crochet hook jar, is so dazzling. I am so excited to share these with you guys in the coming weeks.

About 90% of my work will be traveling out of state in about a week to be wood fired. Wood firings are crazy involved and incredibly rare in the states. Mostly because of all the work that they take and the lack of resources that many have to even build these kilns. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to send my things off this semester. Because of my work unfortunately, I won't be able to travel with it, but my professor believes in me so much that he is willing to take my things over and get them fired for me. Thanks Tony!

It will take me some time to get proper imaging and whatnots so bear with me there. My joy is just bubbling over with this newfound opportunity to share my love of arts and crafts with you. 💓

If you want to support this upcoming launch, be sure to leave a ♥️ on this article and give it a share. I am a handmade micro business and cannot survive without you.

Thanks for reading and until next time,

Happy Making!

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