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Crafty Soothing Salve

Hello Crafties! I’m writing this blog realizing that I never talked about a certain mystery item this year. Of course, 2020 had its hand in stalling the launch, what else can I say? Earlier in the year, I was finally able to engage in a passion and hobby of mine. I would consider myself a naturalist and so if I can apply natural remedies to certain ailments or injuries, I do that.

Over the last five or so years, I’ve engaged in some substantial research into different plants and their oils and in 2020, I developed a salve for pain relief in the hands and elbows as it relates to crocheting or knitting. One day as my crocheting was forcibly put to a halt from wrist pain, I thought to myself ," There has to be a solution to this!" Over the next few years, I combined ambition and knowledge with extensive research and planning to come up with this formula I'm presenting to you.

I call it the Crafty Soothing Salve (look I know my names are bad, bear with me).

Regular rest is always encouraged when knitting and crochet but, this salve has helped me over time to eliminate residual aching in my hands, wrists, and fingers while crafting. My grandmother even uses it for her general aches and pains on a regular basis which makes me happy that I could make something helpful for her. I’ve also used this salve one some general aches of my own and boy-oh-boy, I can’t rave enough over my own product. 😅

I’ve sent out a couple of samples in the past and have received some nice feedback and this insight has given me ideas on how to improve my product in the future!

Over the last few months, I’ve been researching many other plants and have come up with a couple of new ideas for new salves and balms. I’ll have 9 or 10, 2 oz tins in stock upon the launch of the Infiniti Crafting Co. website. As I start generating more income, I’ll be able to restock on these and venture into new recipes.

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