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Crocheting the Nearly Solid Shawl Pattern [WIP] A Free Pattern Refresh

Happy Thursday, Crafties!

I seem to be running a bit behind so, this is a crunch weekend. I've been working on a few crafty projects to kick off 2023, two of which, I addressed in the last channel chat. Today, I am working on updating the Nearly Solid Shawl crochet pattern.

This is one of my classic patterns that was initially released back in 2018. I've updated this pattern a couple of times since then but, now I'm taking a deep dive into it and overhauling the instructions. The free PDF is no longer available as of Jan 12, 2023.

After a little quality control, I'll be re-releasing this pattern here on the blog for free. additionally, you'll have the option to support the website by purchasing the pattern from the Handmade Shop. This update will include a more fleshed out set of instructions for all 43+ rows of the pattern AND an exclusive video tutorial. Primarily though, it'll be an ad-free experience.

I touched on my decision to reformat how I release pattern freebies in a previous post but ultimately, I believe that this will be a great way to continue the content that I put out by allowing the site to generate some form of monetization while also doling out patterns that I've shared forever.

For my community, I think that this will streamline how y'all consume the patterns. A good chuck of my audience are either older or aren't tech savvy. And I get it! You'll still be able to print off blog pages with these patterns so no worries. If you need to make the blog pages bigger, simply hold down CTRL on your keyboard and scroll to zoom in or out.

One of the most important things with these pattern refreshes is to ensure that the instructions are super clear and enjoyable.

Handmade Shawl while eating handmade lunch from a handmade bowl

I chose this project for a refresh first because after reviewing it, I was a little confused about it myself. That's never a good sign! In the updated blog post, I'll have the complete pattern hashed out to row 7 (with notes on how to continue the project). I've redone all my math to make sure that both versions of this pattern are understandable however, in the paid pattern, I've gone line by line for all forty-odd rows and added the stitch math for your convenience. Like I said toward the beginning of the post, I'm also incorporating video instruction in with this pattern which is what's taking this update a little longer.

Either way, I hope you'll enjoy making this pattern!

Material List

Disclaimer: Many links provided in my patterns are affiliate links. This means that I

receive a commission off any purchases made through them at no additional cost to you!


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