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[Finished Object] The Fishnet Shawl

The Fishnet Shawl was the second shawl pattern I designed in the early days of becoming Infiniti Crafting Company.

Over the years, it has been a go-to pattern for not only inventory stock up but, also for my own fashion needs. The thing I love most about this pattern is that it is versatile.

In mid - late spring, its perfect for indoor and outdoor events as it is designed to breath. ( I mean look at all those holes!)

During the summer months, coupled with light cotton yarns, this accessory is perfect for all park going and outdoor functions such as family reunions.

My favorite thing to do with the fishnet shawl is to use fancy yarns to dress it up for formal occasions.

This leads me to the next reason for loving this pattern so much. In 2019, I attended a banquet wearing the dress pictured here. It's a retro/vintage looking simple black dress and I dressed it up with pearls and nice shoes. Absolutely wonderful. However, at the last minute, I felt as though I 'd be under dressed for the occasion so, I grabbed all the gold Vanna's Glamour Yarn off my shelf and I go to WORK.

I made a smaller version of the Fishnet Shawl which I have come to call Standard Size. I think it paired up wonderfully! See what I mean? Versatile!

I've fallen in love with making these during my down time because they work up so fast.

◀ This is my latest installation of Fishnet Shawl. As mentioned in previous blogs, I love pairing this pattern with Lion Brand Ferris Wheel yarn. This colorway is called Cherry on Top and when I first purchased it last year, I wasn't too sure that I'd like how it would work up.

Well I was wrong.

During the spring, I loaded up on this yarn because over hiatus, I will be working very hard to build up my fall inventory. I didn't do so hot in the sales department last year so, think year I want to expand what I'm offering in both physical items and free patterns.

Speaking of free, when you click this image to the left here, you can download a copy of the Fishnet Shawl pattern for free. If you enjoyed making the pattern, please tag me on social media using the tag #infiniticraftingco ! I'd love to see your makes and hear your feedback.

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This pattern has been updated on Etsy and on this site's shop! Happy Making 💖

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