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Fishnet Headband Free Knitting Pattern

I had some left over yarn from the most recent Fishnet Shawl with Darn Good Yarn's Lace Weight Silk Yarn in Sandy Beach. So my mind instantly went into designer mode. This quick little pattern requires both knit and crochet skills but, I hope you'll enjoy it!

Required Materials

3.75 mm straight knitting needles

3.50 mm crochet hook


Yarn needle


c/o - cast on

k - knit

p - purl

ch - chain

sl st - slip stitch

sc - single crochet

st(s) - stitch(es)

*] - repeat to end


C/O 30 sts

Row 1: K30

Row 2: P30

Rows 3 - 20 : repeat rows 1 & 2

Row 21: Cast off until there is 1 loop on your needle

Row 22: With a crochet hook *ch 6, skip 5 sts, sc into the 6th st over] After last ch 6, sc into last st.

Rows 23 - 43: Ch 6, turn your work and sl st into the next ch space from the previous row. *Ch 6, and sl st into the next ch space from the previous row.] Sc into the 2nd ch up from the previous row to finish.

Row 44: Do not ch, pull up a loop and grab your knitting needles again. insert your needle purl-wise into the loop and begin to c/o each ch st from the previous row. You should have 30 sts on your needle.

Row 45: P30

Row 46: K30

Rows 47 - 64: Repeat Rows 45 & 46

Bind off and seam headband together.

Step- by - step progression:

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