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Hey Craftepreneur! - The Mega Pattern Club from Infiniti Crafting Co.

Hello Crafties!

2023 was a grand motivating year for me and my brand. Many changes were made including closing my Etsy storerehoming my merch store, and starting a crochet course.

In July, I set out to continue providing accessibility to my written crochet, knitting, and Sentro patterns by adding videos into them. At the time, I had about 40 patterns floating around out there and I needed a way to motivate myself to follow through with that mission that was also sustainable. 

This ultimately led to the upstart of ' Hey Craftepreneur!', my pattern club! In 2022, I committed to making video tutorials as a part of my written pattern offerings but, some of my patterns are video only, with some written notes (I.e the Sentro tutorials).  

It also seemed to me that I was falling behind in updating everything so, I rebuilt this Patreon-esque members’ club to offer my community accessible crochet and knitting patterns and to hold myself accountable. 😅

I have so many designs swimming around in my head and it gets a little chaotic when it comes to releasing them. Some of these ideas are manageable enough to release as bonus content for the program, so that is what I am going for right now. 

Being a creative is a wild balancing act and so I think in the long-term, this structure will do a lot of good.

​My members are called 'Super Crafties' because they dared to take that plunge and commit to supporting my pattern writing and business as a whole. Essentially, supporting my artistry and

livelihood, that's pretty freaking super in my book.

Beyond that sentiment, Super Crafties have access to a host of perks!

All my designs at a discount

A couple years ago, I did the math on all my collective pattern releases and it added up to around $130. This was before I started doing updates and adding in video content. Since then, I've done a few more pattern releases and have been working at adding additional features for my community. If I were to go back at add everything up, my whole pattern library would likely add up to around ~$200.

 That being said, Hey Craftepreneur! is a great way to gain access to all the patterns at a steep discount.

In addition to full access to all the video content and forums, you'll also have my direct support in and troubleshooting you may need. 

My goal here is to create something stable that will allow me to share my creativity and keep publishing tutorials. That being said, the lowest (and only tier so far) is only $5.99/mo USD, after taxes it’s $6.61. 

For that price, you’ll get all the perks listed in the image above. Plus, Super Crafties are given complimentary access to most of my craft courses. These are typically $34.99 each but are included if you are a monthly or quarterly subscriber.

I have no intentions on raising the price on this tier, ever.

If there are any substantial additions that are made to the program, it’ll result in a higher tier. 

Beyond that, I was able to create a quarterly plan which offers the same perks as the monthly tier. 

The only difference is that the monthly charge is compounded and billed every 3 months at $19.99 + tax. 

If you’re a fan of my designs, I humbly ask that you join the club and support the content today.

Patterns Available So Far

** Most of these patterns are also available as one off purchases in the Handmade Shop.

*Club Exclusive patterns will never be released on public forums or the Handmade Shop and can only be accessed via subscription.

✅ Crochet Water Bottle Sling [Bonus Alt Design] 🔴Club Exclusive (Est. Price $4.99)

✅ Socks made on the Sentro with a knitted afterthought heel 🔴Club Exclusive (Est. Price $10.99)

✅ Nearly Solid Shawl [crochet pattern] (Reg. price $5.99)

The Genesis Top [knitting pattern] (Reg. price $7.99)

✅ Socks made on the Sentro with a seamless crochet afterthought heel 🔴Club Exclusive (Est. Price $10.99)

✅ How to knit kneesocks on the Sentro Knitting Machine 🔴 Club Exclusive (Est. Price $12.99)

✅ The Fresh Peaks Sweater Vest [knitting pattern] ❇️ Pending Public Release (Reg. price $12.99)

The ULTIMATE crochet course (left & right handed classes) (Reg. price $34.99 ea)

✅ The Sweetheart Scarf [knitting pattern] ❇️Pending Public Release (Reg. price $9.99)


January has only just begun but I've narrowed down which pattern(s) will be releasing to members this month so please stay tuned! 

IF you want to support my content and enable me to continue producing patterns and public tutorials, please consider becoming a monthly or quarterly member today. 💖

Happy Making!

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