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Holiday Gift Guide for Avid Crocheters in 2021

It's getting close to being that time of year again Crafties! I don't know about y'all but, I always have a tough time trying to decide what to gift people. I'm terrible at it really. But that doesn't have to be you this holiday season. I'll release a few of these blogs just to throw some ideas out there so if this one doesn't inspire you to go gift buying, I'll have other categories coming.

Please note: This blog contains affiliate links which means that I may be compensated through purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you.

Yarn Storage

So you followed last year's gift guide and got them gift cards to the yarn store, right? Now there's yarn at every turn; in the dishwasher, under the bed, the stash has even begun to take over your

arm chair. Now, how are you going to solve this problem?

Well I can personally attest to the fact that the yarny types love baskets. Yes. We're like cats but, it's not what you think. Baskets and bins are a Godsend to crocheters and knitters alike because you see, some of that yarn you enabled us to buy...we roll into balls. When we work with those yarn balls, they. roll. EVERYWHERE! We hate it really but, we craft on, trying to meet those holiday deadlines.

So if you want to make a crocheter ecstatic (and not get the itchy sweater for Christmas) get them a big ole basket to put their yarns into.

Tension Relief

We might be good at making stuff with string but we don't always use the best posture while doing

our thing. Any crocheter knows that feeling after stitching for multiple hours because you have 10 pairs of socks, an afghan, and 3 sweaters to complete before December. A really great solution for this is massage therapy.

No, I don't mean you have to go to a fancy spa (though I'm not stopping ya), you can get them a warming neck and shoulder massage pillow! The heat makes good for soothing tension and allows the shoulder muscles to relax while the pillow has different settings to kneed out the rest.

Serve your Crafty a nice hot cocoa and let them sit back in luxury after an intense crochet season.

Personalized Project Bag

You know what's better that having a totally amazing w.i.p? Pulling that amazing w.i.p out of a personalized tote bag when you're on the go! Non-crocheters all have that one person that's like, " If I can't take my yarn, I'm not going!" And as crocheters, we feel it necessary to be working with our hands at all times and many of use have designated bags to put our projects and notions in. You might as well get a bag that's durable and sizeable enough for sweater w.i.p's or jumbo skeins.

Yarn Swift and Yarn Ball Winder

Some crocheters have gotten addicted to yarn hanks and all their tangley glory. A yarn swift and ball winder allows you to untwist those hanks and wind them into workable yarn cakes with center pull strands. What does this mean to the crocheter in your life? Yarn that comes in hanks is usually

the really expensive stuff but, hanks have a tendency to tangle really bad and we end up wasting some of that yarn. That also means less cuss words. We can all use less cuss words 😅.


Let's face it. That special Crafty in your life is a caffeine addict of some sort. You've tried and failed at any form of intervention so, you may as well contribute withe a colorful and/or sassy mug.

I actually collect coffee mugs but there is one that I use for my coffee. The brew just doesn't taste the same in other cups. This holiday season, you can give your special maker the same experience with a brand new mug.

*inserts shameless plug here* Today, you can check out the Infiniti Crafting Co. merch shop and find an assortment of art and crafty themed mugs, tees, and accessories in a wide variety of colors and get 25% off your purchase using code " IMERCH21 ".

Yarn Drums

If there's one motto I live by at this point, it's " If I can't take my yarn, I'm not going!" One reason that you may consider a yarn drum over a project bag is that yarn drums zip closed. I can tell you from experience how easy it is to lose hooks and stitch markers from your bag that doesn't close as

you stitch in public. Talk about no fun!Yarn drums are also great because they have ample room for all the crafty notions, keep your yarn clean and tangle free, and can help you stay organized.

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