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How to Knit Socks on the 22 Needle Sentro Mini Knitting Machine

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Hello Crafties! It's been way too long since I've done a tutorial on the Sentro Knitting Machine and with the holidays soon approaching for us makers, I figured it's was time to release my sock

tutorial. I've stated in the past that I am a knitter but not an avid knitter, I think that still rings true as I haven't yet ventured into hand knitting socks. To be honest, I'm kind of intimidated!

Back in the spring I came up with this technique and now I think it's finally ready to share. In this post, I'll also be typing up my "maker notes" which are typically hand written and private!

What Do I Need?

Disclaimer: These links are affiliate links, that means I may receive a commission on purchases made through them at no additional cost to you!

6 inches of Waste Yarn

A compatible yarn for the Sentro

( I used Patons Kroy Socks and Kroy Socks FX for this project)

Long Darning Needles

4mm Crochet Hook

Measuring Tape

How To Knit Socks on the 22 Needle Sentro Knitting Machine

Maker Notes

Create a slip knot and place it over the black indicator needle. Knit about 6 inches from toe to heel, you'll want to measure your own foot for accuracy. I wear a size 11 in women's so from toe to heel, 6 inches or ~43 rows is adequate.

The heel consists 4 crocheted rows.

Row 1: Attach yarn wherever you would like in the opening and ch 1. Sc until you get to the stitch right before a corner. At the corner, you'll sc3tog, you may encounter a live stitch (refer to video), you'll just create sc into those.

Row 2: Ch 1 and sc 1 into each st.

Row 3: Ch 1, sc into the base of the sc. *sc2tog, sc in the next st].

Row 4: Sc into each st and then seam the row together with sl sts. ** I recommend flipping the sock inside out for seaming! It makes the finished product much neater looking**

On my pair, the section from the heel to top measures 4.5 inches before adding the sc edging (also 29 rows).

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