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I'm Learning to Sew!

I can remember being a little girl and admiring my grandmother's work, as she was a seamstress until she retired. I've always had an inclination to artsy activities and this is another hobby I've wanted to pick up for quite some time! I've finally prodded this sewing master into imbuing me with some of her craft knowledge and last night with the laying out of a pattern.

My grandma bought me a sewing machine... perhaps for my 16th birthday? But now that I'm at home, literally all the time, we've found time to do these lessons between my other obligations. I decided to start with a simple skirt for my first project. I'm decent at hand sewing but, I wanted to do somethings really, really basic since I'm not used to handling a machine.

I can't wait to blog more on my sewing adventure! Certainly over the summer, I'd love to create some unique garments for the inevitable return to society. I'd also love to make my own project bags eventually too!

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