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It's my (actual) birthday! 🥳

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Happy Thursday, Crafties!

I always love November in general because that's when autumn feels like it has truly set in where I live. It also happens to be the month I was born so naturally, I like to celebrate a little!

These last few years, I haven't really done much celebrating as I power my way through college and work and run the channel. So,

instead of going out or buying yarn, I run the biggest promotion of the year for Infiniti Crafting Co.

This year is no different. As I've say back and realized how tumultuous my like has been these last couple of years, I thought it was even more important to just relax this year. In doing that, I also get to reflect on how blessed I've been despite everything and that grants me some extra perspective to model my life on.

So in the light of perpetual gratitude, I want to thank all of you who have bought from me, signed up for my newsletter, and have been a member of my community in general. Without you all, I truly would not have been able to do half of the things that I have the last few years.

Your support has allowed me to help my family, do home repairs, and pay for my school books and supplies. All things I tend to stress and toil over. Also to be able to wake up everyday and build a living around what I love to do, is a blessing that not everyone is afforded. Even as times change and plans shift, I do not take that for granted.

This year, I'm offering 26% off sitewide in the handmade shop! With the code BDAY2023 you can save on everything from the handmade to the merch shop. This time of year is always so fun because it is the last sale until next year. I've been silently adding to the Handmade shop so, take a moment and browse to see all the new offerings!

We haven't done many firings this go around so I don't have any new pottery to share just yet. That likely won't happen until January or February of 2024.

The one thing I would LOVE for my birthday this year is...

I would SO love it if more Crafties joined 'Hey Craftepreneur!' my pattern members club. Under this program, members get access to my written and video pattern library! I've been on a mission to add video tutorials to my pattern PDFs as I update them and as a Super Crafty, you will be able to make any of my designs that are added to the program.

This includes:

  • Crochet patterns

  • Knitting Patterns

  • Sentro Knitting Machine Patterns

There are a host of perks for members of this program and the simplest way I can describe it is... think of a patreon. Members can choose a monthly or quarterly tier to support and they will have access to this content so long as they are subscribed.

I am so grateful for the people who have signed up already. You've greatly impacted my life and business thus far and I hope you enjoy what's coming down the pike next! And BOY do I have something cool in store for the end of the year! I can't say much at this moment but I'll be spilling the beans pretty soon!

I am currently still working on the second pattern release for this month. Your girl here is an ambitious one woman band and I thought I'd have the video rendered and posted for today... oops 😅. As a peace offering, allow me to present a sneak peek for the Fresh Peaks sweater vest pattern!

It's crazy to me that I now have two of these luxury sweaters and I must say, I love how the second version came out. I'm looking to post this for sure by Friday or Saturday so stay tuned!

Anyhoo... I went down a rabbit hole there for a moment.

My BIG birthday ask is for you to try out Hey Craftepreneur! today. There is no end to how much your support would benefit me but, more importantly, this program will benefit you with a variety of projects that span three crafts. It'll be super hard to get bored because I rotate what types of designs I put out so everyone can have something to do. There's also bonus content for when I can't contain my designer urges.

When you sign up, all those supporter-only blogs will become readable too! I can't wait to share my ideas with you! Even if you sign up for just one of my designs, I can almost guarantee you'll want to stay for more!

Hit the orange button below for a full list of perks and sign up options.

Today, I'll be dropping off orders that came in over the weekend and then I may try to do a livestream later today on YouTube & Rumble.

Hopefully my technology will agree with me on this one! 😁

As always, thank you so much for reading my post! I hope you have a great rest of your day and until next time,

Happy Making!

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