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July Updates

Ads Now Appear Properly on Free Patterns Page

I only have ads to show up on specific pages on this website, specifically the Home and Free Pattern pages. My main reasons are that I don't want to my website to be slowed down but, I also need a way to make revenue 😅. I love what I do as a crochet designer and content creator and an outstanding number of fellow Crafties love what I do as well.

There is a large part of my site visitors that take part of my free patterns only and that is fine. It takes a lot of hours to draw up designs, stitch up the pattern, have the pattern tested, proof everything, etc. and I am a lone Crafty who is not only trying to establish a business but also, fund my education on my own. Monetizing certain pages allows me to build some income as more eyes land there.

Since April, I've had issues with the ads actually appearing on the page ( I mean they were actually there but invisible!) I've discovered that I messed up how I coded them so now, they are visible in all their glory. The Lion Brand, Darn Good Yarn, and Joann blocks on the sides of my pages are actually affiliate links/banners. I appreciate everyone for understanding and all who visit my website regularly! 💖

Hey Craftepreneur! Subscription Page Transparency

I hot patched the page to include a breakdown on how the subscription to the podcast library is taxed.

Hot Fix on the Free Patterns Page

Product sliders that I was trying to add to the bottom of the page ended up at the top somehow... I'd gotten frustrated because they wouldn't pop up when I was initially trying to implement them 😅 FOUND 'EM! They now know their place at the end of the page.

Free Shipping

There has always been free shipping on orders $100+ at Infiniti Crafting Co. Silly ole me just never thought to put the banner up...whoops 😅.

However, due to the rising gas prices and crazy inflation, this shipping rule has been adjusted to free shipping on all orders $125+.

Affiliate Links and Google Ads

I explain it all in this blog.

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