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Making Money With The Sentro Knitting Machine

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

This was a question that came from my YouTube community and it got me to thinking, " How DO I make money with the Sentro Knitting Machine?"

There are a few options when it comes to this so, I'd like to share that with you today from easiest to hardest, in my experience.

Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated for purchases made through them, at no additional cost to you.

Option 1: Affiliate Marketing

This is an indirect way of making money off the machine (or any other item) without necessarily having to own it. Though it is my personal policy to have actually owned and use items I promote, a lot of people just link to different items they think their audience will like. In my own experience, I've been able to use affiliate links in connection with the Sentro Knitting Machine tutorials I post and on this blog.

For this, I am a member of Amazon's affiliate program which was VERY easy to join and because I was active on YouTube, I was able to quickly meet the requirements to participate fully in the program. You'll want to do the appropriate research on doing affiliate marketing just to be sure you are in compliance with FTC guidelines.

I've found that having a blog alongside a Youtube channel helps with sharing this on social media. For my first blog, I used the Ko-fi platform which is a platform for garnering support from your community, like a tip-jar. It's easy to use, the platform is very friendly and it's pretty easy to grow there if you're sharing your content right. Later on, partially due to the funds raised there, I was able to launch this blog, though I do keep my Ko-fi blog going.

Option 2: Making Tutorials With the Sentro

So this option is multifaceted because not only could you do with with affiliate marketing but, if you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), you can made Adsense money from your video content. By far, this has been my greatest money maker on YouTube so far. I got in on making Sentro Knitting Machine tutorials when there were virtually none.

Essentially, I saw a niche and I hopped on it and because there was a lack of instruction for the machine, my viewership on these videos skyrocketed. Of course this was also aided by good titles, thumbnails, and SEO. Usually when I do titles for Sentro tutorials, they read like " How To Make ___ on the Sentro Knitting Machine". This mimics how people are actually searching for this content on YouTube.

In order to make Adsense income from YouTube, you 1) Have to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time under your belt 2) you have to be a part of the YPP.

This, however, can/will take time. So while it is easy to do once you're in the YPP, the time leading up to that can be hard to deal with.

Option 3: Making Stuff

This option is perhaps the most obvious but can be the trickiest of them all. if you already have clientele lined up, this will be perfect for you because there's already a customer base waiting to purchase your items. If you're trying to sell online, it can be a little more difficult without a client base already established.

Most people start out on Etsy, I also started out on Etsy. The platform offers a low barrier to entry and is great for exposure. If you're good at advertising your own inventory, this is a good starting point. The general public recognizes Etsy's branding so you're more likely to get other people to buy your makes. You can also set competitive prices for your Sentro-made items and maintain your inventory easier.

I only list this as the most difficult way because you really have to do a lot of keyword/SEO research and know how to market your items in order to make it work. You're not likely to just open up shop and start making the big bucks off the bat.

Most importantly, however you decide to make money with the Sentro Knitting Machine, make it your own! Be creative and unique with whatever it is you're marketing and be honest and genuine. People in general are attracted to these qualities and that builds public trust over time. This is the key to growing any business-like venture. I hope this blog was helpful!

Happy Making!

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