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My Big TikTok Grapple

Hello Crafties and happy Friday!

I write this blog today with conflicted feelings. Over the last few years, Infiniti Crafting Co. have been able to grow at an awesome rate on social media. Across multiple platforms, we're over 30K strong and I could have never dreamed that I'd reach so many people with a common passion.

While I am grateful for the community I've been able to build over time, I'm beginning to feel as though I need to reach more people? I want to preface this by stating I'm being transparent and conducting some market analysis. I don't mean anything rude by this article.

Though most people are pretty chill when these things come up, there are a few that may find offense in how I'm trying to communicate my idea here.

With that out of the way...

For a long while now, I've been running my channel and my business at a deficit. And while I absolutely LOVE what I do, that love doesn't convert to being able to survive. I have pivoted more times than I can count and have had a number of private pity parties while trying to figure out what I could provide my audience that is of enough value to earn their business.

Like many creators, in the beginning, I thought that if I made good videos, eventually people would just naturally want to support my related products. So far, that has not been the case and as I navigate the space, all feels a bit hopeless. I hate to ask for help or that people just shop with me because I feel like that may be seen as begging or that it will only lead to sympathy buys. Which is ... fine? But I'd rather build a line of products that people see and want to enjoy/consistently support. When I was growing up, it was frowned upon to ask for things, even if I needed them. So now in my young adulthood, I'd much rather work in silence and/or put out the work of my hands to earn my way.

Recently, I realized that a big chunk of my community...doesn't really know who I am? Weird right? I understand that part of marketing is personal connection and somehow, I thought that I'd been making that connection. Apparently, that's only the case with some of the veteran members of my audience. On a recent video, I was asked what I do. To be fair the person also said they were new to my channel but my mind was still blown. So I'm currently working on some content that will hopefully shed better light on myself and the brand.

I've been working on many projects behind the scenes to that effect. One of the big moves that I've been contemplating as of late, is joining the TikTok bandwagon. I've kinda prided myself on not being over there these last several years because it didn't seem like my niche would be effective in the short form. I've found that it is possible to convert my content to short form in a successful way through IG and YT. I'm also not gonna lie here, there's a lot of weird stuff on that platform and I've frankly just been put off from the app as a whole.

Given all the information swirling around the platform, I'd been very reluctant to tread that territory. And even now, as it may or may not get banned in the states, I'm a little leery on going over there, building a community, and then losing it all. But you know? Right now, tapping into the market sort of feels right? I'm still a bit tentative about it but, at the end of the day, I'm trying to figure out what will make my business work. Not go viral (thought I'm not going to limit God), but create something that will bring in consistent sales that will help me to keep running said business and afford these series of emergencies that I've had to crop up.

  1. I fell and broke the front tooth out of my face in September 2022. It can't be fixed and it needs to be removed. I'm trying to get an implant because this is affecting my mode of speech and how I can eat my food. I set up a Ko-fi goal to this end but I am nowhere near the $5k I need to get things done. The current dentistry I'm with is an income based thing and their waitlist has had me waiting for 3 months after getting a referral for the dental school. The tooth is split right across the front. Could break at any time. And it bleeds.

Needless to say, I'm absolutely stressed out at this point and I almost feel as though it is pointless to mention it at this point because I already have several times. Mostly with all the sympathy of Major Payne. 😅

So if you can, please consider supporting the Handmade Shop or, sending a coffee my way. It'd be greatly appreciated!

2. In March, we had a freak deer accident, which crunched up the face of my car. For whatever reason, my insurance doesn't cover deer accidents? So that's been phenomenal. I haven't bothered mentioning it until this point because at least it still runs. I have no clue what it's going to cost me to get it fixed and I am partial to the car because it was my mother's.

3. I'm in the last year of my undergraduate education. Textbooks, groceries, gas, and all my other obligations per semester are to say the least, cumbersome. I've worked between one and two jobs the whole 8 years I've been at it, alongside doing Infiniti Crafting Co for 5 years. I'm not opposed to working to boost my business until it works, but it also has to feel like it's working. You know what I mean? I don't know if this is because of everything in my life compounding right now but, everything feels as though its coming to a head. And maybe I say this too much but, there's this bittersweet feeling of the prospect of ceasing operation. There's always this nasty thought that crops up, saying that no one would care if I did. I tend to believe that isn't the case but my numbers are not convincing. I don't know what the summer will bring as far as how content flows behind the scene for the next season and I could use all the love, support, and prayers that I can get at this time.

Now, beyond that digression, I'm anticipating that this summer will be packed with a lot of fun content, granted that I can get things kicked off properly.

I do have an account however, I only recently started adding information for my profile. I'll be getting a separate device strictly for the purpose of posting over there for this experiment. So if you want to follow me on TikTok, you can find me @infiniticraftingco.

I'll be updating y'all on this experiment at some point when I get to analyze my data 😅. Stay tuned!

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