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New Day, New Tech

I've been wanting a laptop for YEARS and now I've been blessed enough to get one. I'm happy that I'll have the ability to be mobile as I work now. Graphic design from my bed? Blogging? Yes please!

Find a similar one here!

I'm such a tech nerd and I often restrain myself from making these purchases for the sake of my budgets. However, this year has taken a toll on my finances and I've been stressed out anyhow, so I figured I should go ahead and purchase something beneficial for me and my brand. Be on the lookout for a future blog about my tech setup for my crafting business. It's a common question that comes up for me and I thought it'd be fun to cover.

What I'm most excited about it the potential to do lives or join streams in my craft studio. The main reason I haven't been doing any of that in the past is because I don't like the unfinished basement in my background when I'm stationed at my desk.

I've spent the day syncing everything up which has been a pain but, well worth it. I feel very inspired and have been planning out my monthly blog content going forward.

I feel like I'm ending off this year nicely in light of all the frustration this year previously brought on. I'm pretty sure that this will be the last blog post I'll do in 2021 but do stick around for all the photos and mini updates to come.

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