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Summer Ecstasy Reveal Look Book

Please Note: This blog contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive commissions off each purchase made at no additional cost to you!

Admittedly, I'm not sure if this is something y'all would want to know but as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained! As you all may know, I released the Summer Ecstasy Crochet Top Pattern this week and I was really vibing with the look I created for the reel/short that I made. SO, today I wanted to share the items that made the look. This is the first blog I've done like things but I do get the occasional inquiry of," How'd you get that look", so I wanted to just make a little series of blogs to answer those questions.

I don't wear a lot of make up but, when I do put it on, you won't catch me without my favorite eyeliner! Nyx Professional Epic Ink Eyeliner is my absolute favorite liquid liner. It's smooth, long-

lasting, and waterproof. My favorite feature though is just how long it lasts! I bought mine in late 2019 or so and with moderate wear, I still have the same pen as of August 2021.

The eyeshadow I was rocking is made by Profusion! I stumbled across this palette by chance at a Walmart once and it is my go to when I need an extra pop of color. The specific name for this palette is Profusion Spectrum. Typically, I stick to more natural shades so this highly pigmented set was a nice, odd addition to my collection. I paired the yellow pigment with a nice pale gold shimmer and blended it up the center.

I'm not one for super bold eyelashes so mine are natural. I just accentuate them a bit with a little mascara. The mascara I've been using for a couple years now is Maybelline's Snapscara. It adds just the right amount of volume to the natural lash and is also long-lasting.

In both the product shot and in the reel, I'm sporting Covergirl Outlast Lipcolor. I usually hate two step make-up sets but this one, I don't. The reason is simple too. When I want shiny color, this lip color really pops and when I want just a little moisture, I'll use the clear end by itself for a nice buttery feel.

Most importantly, I made up the Summer Ecstasy Top to match the light, summery make-up! Get your PDF copy from this website's shop today!

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